When is a new Oticon IIC coming

I’m need to get my first set of hearing aids and want to get IIC. I’m in my 30s and often in social and professional situations where I can’t hear some conversations due to hearing loss in some frequencies.

I want to try the OWN but it seems like 2 year old technology based on the More platform. Does anyone know if Oticon will be releasing a new version of the Own?

Also, do others thing the Phonak IIC is better? I think their current top model is the titanium p-90. I tried Phonak RIC and the sound quality was worse than Real 1 RIC.

RIC is very different from CIC

I an also wearing CIC (for the last 20 years) and RIC is strange for me.
I wish Oticon had a new CIC

OWN is not so old as Xceed. Oticon stucks on miniRiTE form factor. Their business goals now take precedence over user needs.

Obviously Dimitri, they do not want your business, or indeed anyone else in the Severe/profound threshold…It would seem, their PR (Public Relations) might benefit from some training in civility, that’s a very hostile reply, from Oticon… Cheers Kev.


What did you expect? That they say: Hey sorry for that, we are going to create a hearing aid only for you?

No company can fulfill everyone’s desires

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Is a little bit of civility, to a prospective customer, too much to ask? Cheers Kev :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




The issue real is most want long battery life with connectivity to every possible device and also to be able to hear in every environment. That takes a size of chip that is somewhat large and a battery to power it. It has become next to impossible to put those requirements in a completely in the inter canal device. And if you need a more powerful solution due to severe hearing loss it is impossible.
You have to use common sense about cost versus return on investment. With the RIT aids you have a better chance, and tobe honest unless a person is looking to see if you are wearing hearing aids, the aids are never noticed. I wear custom ear molds that are easily to see and still very few people ever notice my aids.

It’s not about the look.
I don’t care if other will notice it

The problem is that you can not compare CIC with RIC.
CIC will always give more natural feel (Pina effect) and other benefits like you can answer to a phone call buy holding the phone on the ear. (tried this with RIC and it was bad, barely could understand the interlocutor)

They also will not fall off from your ears.
You can wear a hat or whatever you like etc etc.

For me CIC the nr one option.

I read what you are saying but I wear a hat any time i am out doors, sometimes a western hat, sometimes a Indiana Jones hat, some times a baseball cap, and a lot of times a hiking hat to keep me from burning my head. Now i can use a phone straight to my ear but prefer to use Bluetooth connectivity, with my custom ear molds i have no issues with my aids falling off, even when removing and changing my glasses from normal to sunglasses. I did wear ITC aids for years, and did fuss about going to RIT aids at first, but i came to realize and understand the benefits of the RITE aids, and now i wouldn’t go back. You see by the time a ITE, ITC, or completely in the canal aids come to market they are old technology, and in some cases antique by modern standards. With my severe hearing loss in the speech frequency range i have to have the Bluetooth connectivity to handle more than a short phone call. I use the connectivity to be able to hear the TV, i use the connectivity to listen to audiobooks. And I have found that if needed i can use over the ear headphones with jy RITE aids without feedback due to my custom ear molds. And by the way the custom ear molds gives me the same experience as wearing an ITC hearing aids.

Starkey and ReSound customs are doing a great job.

what model are you using?
I just got oticon real 1 to test

I have both the Real1 as my primary set of aids with full skeleton cutom ear molds, and my backup set of aids are the More1 aids with the same type of custom ear molds. I am a veteran with a disability rating of 50% due to my hearing loss. My audiologist is a professor of audiology at the local state university and also is a head of audiology at the local community VA clinic. To be honest my wife and I moving to this area was the best thing that ever happened as for as my hearing loss issues are concerned. And it has been my calling to volunteer at the clinic helping other veterans. I came from the Austin Texas area and before that the Dallas area, and the level of personal service is so much better at the smaller community clinics here in Arkansas. It doesn’t take months to get an appointment usually less than a week, 2 weeks at the most.

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got it, you are one of the luckiest to have a great audiologits.

my Audi suggested a custom mold called “lite tip”.
the issue is that her experience is limited, they all are instructed to sell :slight_smile:
so yea, we handle things on our own…

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The lite tip is great if you don’t have issues with the receivers backing out of the canals. I tried the lite tips, but had issues with keeping them seated. I love the full skeleton ear mold because they stay in place. I don’t have feedback issues and if a limb snags my aids the aids don’t fall out. I have been wearing aids for 20 years and been fortunate enough to never have lost or misplaced my aids. I have always been a very active person hiking and even hunting in the forest and heavy woods.

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mind to explain what do you mean by that?
appreciate it

ah, you meant that the mold can slipp out from the ear?

Do you have issues with your receivers or in the Ear aids staying snug fitted in place. It the receivers or ear molds don’t stay snug in place you will get feedback most likely.

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right, got it.

currently wearing WIDEX CIC.
they stay in place, zero feedback.
hopefully the oticon real’s custom molds will be the same

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This just goes to show how different everyone’s experience is! I had CIC for 7 years (my first HAs) but once I tried RIC I could not believe how much more natural everything sounded. Although my loss is not as severe as yours, we both have pretty flat loss, so I would have thought our experience might be at least sort of similar, but I can’t imagine I will ever go back to CIC!