What's the oldest still working hearing aid you still have?


Oticon 380P analog bone conduction hearing aid from 11/22/2005 for me. It is an emergency backup. :slight_smile:

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Starkey Destiny 400 CIC, with a vent and a volume wheel, 2009.


Phonak audeo my first ever… bought 2008… still working and I use on occasion just to see if they still do the job. YES still doing a good job . 10 years and still usable.


Phonak were my first also. The Audeo IX purchased 3/26/2008. They hadn’t done much good for me since around 2014, but back in February of this year my audi tested and programed them to my current audiogram while I waited for my OPN 1 to get in. They still work great.


all of my hearing aids always!
my Siemens Infinti when I was 6 months old (left works, not sure about the right)
Oticon Gaia from 1/21/2005 after I turned 10
Oticon Safari from 3/10/2011 when I was 16 (one works, one shat on me in 2014)


I am still using a Starkey Destiny 1200 bte aids from 2007. It has been reconditioned twice. Next year, l will get newer Phonak Naida bte aids.


2005 Sonic Inniviations not sure of the spelling


1989 Emtech ITE analog. Sorta…it’s in pieces but still connected and squeals.

Fully intact and ready to use…late 2007 Phonak Savia 311dsz set.


Phonak Superfront HAs from 2001. They still work.


Phonak Superfront PP CL 4s. Still work and still wear them now and again.


Phonak Audeo V. Purchased Feb 2010. Wearing them every day.


Oticon P11P pocket hearing aid (purchased in 1985) and Oticon E28P (purchased in 1991)

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Oticon Deltas 6000, bought 2007, still wear.


Starkey SA T9 CICs from mid 90s that I still use as back-up or when on a cruise ship while sleeping. The latter so I can hear any emergency alarm.


I still have an ANCIENT hearing aid that belonged to my grandfather… must be over 50 years old. Has a box that went in his shirt pocket with a twisted wire going to the earphone in his ear…



Phonak Superfront PPSC from the 1980s :rofl: still going strong! They don’t make them like they used to, that’s for sure!


I have one Oticon Delta for my right ear, bought in 2007, that still works well. I didn’t buy one for my left ear.


I hope my Phonak Brio P-UP work for a very long time.