What's the difference between Signia Xperience 5X & 7X?

I went back to my audiologist this week as I had the Demos of the Xperience 5X and she asked me if I like to try out the 7X.
Well, the funny thing is that she did not change the Demos I had but just reprogrammed them ??
So that tells me that there is physically no difference between the 5X & 7X only a firmware change. But the huge price difference?
So my not just buy the 5X and get them reprogramed as 7X

What’re your thoughts on this.


No unfortunately it won’t work, your audiologist is using a special demo model hearing aid that can be changed in the software, once you choose the model/features you want your audiology clinic will order that particular model in for you.


Pity it would be great if one could flash a better firmware because the hardware seems the same. Thanks for the feedback,.

I was wondering if it worth pay extra for the 7X. The &X seems to be better but not sure if its work paring double the price.


It’s not worth buying hearing aids from a audiology clinic unless insurance is paying for it and you want a 3 year warranty.

Best value is eBay, find ex demo or a pair with very low hours, some will still have the balance of a factory warranty if that’s your thing, I see those models go for around $600 to $900 on eBay.

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Probably true. Microphones, receivers, buttons are very mature stuff and all alike. Any “magic” is in the processing chip.

I’m sure it is better for somebody. Is it twice as better for YOU? Your provider thinks it might be, but only you can decide.

Finding that last bit of “better” represents years of research, thinking, listening, study, and code-wacking. Keeping the programming competitive with other brands is far more expensive than the hardware. Too expensive for many users to swallow. OTOH there are people who make more money if they hear better and it makes sense for them to spend a lot more. So the must-have buyers pay the development for the cheap guys like me.

And yes, “re-flashing” is so obvious that the HA makers must have protections. Such protection has been around since the dawn of computers. In the current state of the art, the processor probably has all programs onboard, and a secure byte which tells it what program to use. A “Demo aid” may allow changing the setting; my Phonak seems to need a code from the factory, and will expire if not paid-off in 30 or 90 days. To avoid even this temptation I’m sure my non-demo “30” has that model-byte ZAPPED into the chip and there’s no microscope small enough to change that.


Thanks guys for great advice.
I wondering if I buy a pair on eBay if there is International warranty on them as I am in South Africa. With our ridicules exchange rate buying them locally is scary expensive. really would love to try get the 7X .

Thanks guys for your advice , appreciate it.

International warranty on most brands of hearing aids is 1 year, check out the Signia website as they have a pretty good worldwide repair service,