What’s the difference between SRT and WRS


What is the difference between SRT and WRS and how does that pertain to speech discrimination scores



Speech Recognition Threshhold uses a set of words to arrive at your SRT “number”. Then the SRT number is used by the pro to set the loudness of the WRS test.

So if your SRT was 30 the pro adds 30-40 to that and tests your WRS at 60 db. SRT and WRS use a different set of words.



SRT is speech recognition threshhold. It’s the lowest sound level in decibels that you can recognize half of the words you hear. WRS is the percentage correct you get from somebody reading a list of words. It matters what decibel level the WRS test is given at. Definitely needs to be notably louder than the SRT. Not sure what you mean by speech discrimination scores. A low WRS score suggests that even with adequate amplification you might have a tough time understanding speech.

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Be aware that practitioners will use WRS differently. Some are testing for % recognition at a typical speech level, some at a comfortable level, and some are testing for maximum score at what you might consider a fairly high volume.

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SRT uses two syllable, sponidiak words, to find the lowest level 50% are repeated correctly. It main use in the past has been to find malingerers (fakers). About the only reason a person would fake a hearing test is when some type of litigation is involved. I, personally, have never been a proponent of this test. I was told years ago to never do a test that I would do nothing with the results. To me, the SRT fits into this category. Unfortunately, it is mandated by some state laws. The WRS or what is commonly called “PB Max” which stands for “phonetically balanced word maximum score” which uses single syllable words at traditionally about 35 dB above SRT to theoretically test a patients word understanding. And by extrapolation, their benefit with hearing aids. Unfortunately, WRS and hearing aid satisfaction are not necessarily related. The QuikSin or HINT test may give a more reasonable guess as to how a patient will do with hearing aids. But then if a patient only has about 30% on the WRS or PB Max, they will definitely have difficulty with hearing aids since even if the proper sounds are amplified, they will have difficulty understanding them.

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Thanks for the great explanation.