What receivers do the jabra use

What receiver do the Jabra pro 20 use. I’m trying to find some 9mm domes that will fit. I picked up some 8mm but they are a little too small. My left ear hurts with the 10mm and Costco will not put anything but Resound domes on. She did say she would recalibrate them for me if I change from what is on them now. Anybody know what would fit these?

They use the same as ReSound models.

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Same as the ReSound Nexia: Sure Fit 3
Then you need the power designation: LP, MP or HP

I don’t know how you guys find all this information I really do appreciate your time on this stuff.
So are there any 9mm domes that would work with the sure fit 3 ?
Has anyone tried the Starkey. The ends look pretty similar

IDK about the EP20s, but my Costco audi put Rexton tulip-like domes on my EP10s. The never detached from the receivers, and they improved my hearing compared to ReSound power domes.

Yeah that’s the thing you’ll need to try a few different versions, I’m pretty sure Oticon can fit (the later versions) Can’t comment on the Starkey, Phonak (older version domes) also fit.