What NHS Hearing aids are currently available?

Hi I have a family member who is currently thinking about getting a referral to the same place i go to for my hearing aids. They have quite a big hearing loss and the last time they tried hearing aids they did not get on with them. So i was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what kind of options they might be able to get in hearing aids? I know there is the phonak nathos range but not sure if there is anything more updated i don’t know what their audiogram would be as they don’t have access to a copy of it but i do know one ear was moderate to severe last time they had a test but that was a good 3 years ago. Not sure what the other ear was. I would love to be able to inform them what kind of more modern hearing aids are available as the last pair they had was a Siemens set and they didn’t get on with them.

Phonak Nathos Auto SP = Phonak Bolero V70 SP (Not Bluetooth)

Phonak Nathos Nova PR (Bluetooth)

Oticon Engage = Oticon Opn 2 and can fit to 85 dB. (Bluetooth)

Resound Ambio Smart = Don’t know what they are equal too. (Bluetooth)

There are less powerful options and more powerful options but a moderate to severe loss would fit all of the above.

Likely if she goes to your hospital then it’ll be Phonaks like you?

@zebras thank you they are just thinking about getting the referral now but wanted to know a bit more about the type of technology that is available now because they did not like the Siemens hearing aid so stopped wearing it. I think one ear is worse than a moderate severe hearing loss and i think they have noticed a slight deterioration in there hearing which is why they are thinking about getting a fresh referral to the same place as me.

It’ll be the same as yours……

How accurate//valid is this list?


Dated: 15 Jun 2022

Not valid at all.

Oticon Synergy is very out of date.

Phonak Naida Link is very out of date as well.

Resound is valid but they are always very behind anyway.

For profound hearing loses, they are handing out the Phonak Naida P70 UP now.

“This means that the NHS hearing aids that are lower down the list will more than likely not be used any more by the National Health Service as they are now replaced by newer models that the NHS have chosen for their catalogue.”


For profound hearing loss, they are handing out the Phonak Naida P70 UP now.

No mention of the newer Phonak Nathos Nova.

Oticon Engage is the newer Oticon.

Very out of date.

My friend has had the Oticon Engage for like nearly 2 years.

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Oh boy, that Naida P70 Up is really good.

I was fit 2 years ago on the NHS with an Oticon Dynamo 8. These are for a severe to profound loss. They are based on the inium chip and were brought out in 2015. They have been superseded by the Oticon Xceed, but I am unsure if the NHS are providing the Xceed yet.

@glucas my nhs hospital i go to were just starting to get in oticon hearing aids including the oticon cros aids back in august last year so i think some places may still be getting some of the newer models in and i think with my hospital they certainly may not be stocking the phonak Nadia P70 UP for profound hearing loss yet as the Nathos Nova are still pretty new to them and they had only just updated the technology in august so as they didn’t have to use the icube for the newer Phonak hearing aids anymore.

The Xceed has been on the NHS for around one year or possibly longer.

My friend has the Xceed 1 UP upgraded from the Sky Q70 UP that he had for around 5 years.

Here are the NHS Oticon HAs.


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They are handing out the Nadia P70 UP now. Only just stared handing them out tho.

The Nathos Nova is no where near powerful enough for a profound loss. That is why.

This is interesting as I’m due to be assessed sometime this year. I have a mismatched pair of NHS Nathos S+ and an Auto. As I’m looking to acquire a Roger On IN the Novas would be a good shout. I’m not needing Naidas yet so…Novas feel like the best option. Hopefully the clinic see it the same way…