What kind of tinnitus do you have?

^^^ Ah that is GREAT news! I can easily see how any kind of music or persistant noise could have an impact on tinnitus. If I hear a sustained tone, sometimes my own tinnitus will hum along at the same note.

Mine started when I was about 6 years old. It was a very high pitched tone or hiss. My hearing loss began at birth, is slowly progressive and spares my low frequency hearing. Over the years the sound has dropped in frequency to about 3kHz. Often, wearing my hearing aids seems to make it worse once I take them out, especially if I’ve been in noisy environments during the day. But it’s basically always with me to varying degrees. It is sometimes a nuisance. Most of the time I only notice it in passing because I’ve lived with it all my life.

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I’ve had tinnitus for about 24 years, at least that is when it became continuous. I’m guessing its 8k plus or minus and very loud. I do have the occasional intrusion of loud low tones. Sometimes an hour or two, sometimes longer. When that happens it’s pretty much all I can hear. Hugh frequency is bilateral. Sometimes the low frequency will be a bit louder in one ear but not always same ear.

How are others assessing frequency and db ? When I try with various apps and headphones I can never actually find a match - just that it seems to be 8.4k or so.

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When doing your audiogram the different frequency tones will match the tinnitus.

My tinnitus is a continuous around 5khz tone with an occasional loud around 1khz tone that will appear and last for a few seconds then subside. My tinnitus started after I had stapendoctomies.

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I guess mine is closest to #2. I have sort of a ringing / beeping–esp. in my right ear. It can seem rather musical at times. The problem is that I generally only notice it when I’m in a quiet area (like when I’m trying to sleep). Sometimes I listen to white noise or focus on the whirr of my ceiling fan.

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@Raudrive. When I met with audiologist we discussed tinnitus but there was no attempt to ascertain the frequency or db level. My exam felt rushed and commentary felt like rehearsed memorization of what needed to be said, it was very impersonal. Think I’ll go to Costco. The folks here seem to speak highly of the thoroughness.

I’ve tried various online tinnitus apps to try and determine my frequency but when I get up past 8k it feels like the headphones/earbuds, etc, are straining to produce the sound. I’ve tried many set, high and low end and all say good through 20k hz. Maybe it’s my hearing in that range and not the headphones or buds.

As I’m typing this I’m wondering if my tinnitus is higher than the audiogram tests, and that I perhaps I actually cannot hear in the frequency range of my tinnitus. That might explain why I cannot create a tone that matches. If that is the case, any thoughts on how to ascertain the frequency and db level ?

The tinnitus is pretty miserable as many here know first hand. I’ve always accepted the “just live with it” approach.

Thank you

Your hearing is very different than mine. I suspect your tinnitus is less loud than your audiogram results at whatever frequency. I do audiograms with Phonak software. This allows slow and precise testing at each frequency. Years ago when my hearing was better I learned what frequencies the tinnitus happened at. Now all I hear in the mid to upper frequencies is tinnitus.

The audiogram test I have been involved with were always 8000 hertz and down. It may well be your tinnitus is above that.

I find that tinnitus is a moving target. Most of the time it is pink (or yellow or blue and pink or whatever but it is always there). Sometimes it is a rumble in the form of a diesel truck idling just outside the house. At other times it is a whistle or hum at a definable frequency. In fact I can usually walk up to the piano and hit the key that is right on the note playing in my ear. The thing I have found most interesting though is that when it is a musical sound like this, it is usually only in one ear while the others are playing in both ears at once.

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I have experienced 1 and 2 for as long as I can remember. I actually posted online about it years ago but no one had any idea what I was talking about. Coukd find it by googling my name but I guess the forun is gone since it doesn’t come up anymore. Longest I have had is many minutes - never experienced anything like 3. I read once that it’s an overload from hair cells dying at that moment but I can’t find the reference anymore nor do I know if that is accurate.

I have the kind that pisses me off — around 5khz 24/7

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I’ve heard it described as the aural equivalent of a phantom limb. I’ve also read that there are many different possible causes. Mine is a low pitched sound of leaking gas. Could be worse. It’s in my left ear only. That ear is also problematic in ways I find hard to describe. Mild distortion I guess.

That “phantom limb” thing–interesting–for me it’s mainly the right side that has issues.

I think that’s the worst.

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