What is your opinion on Starkey Evolv AI BTE Model 2000?

I’ve heard the brand - Starkey in a few years but never try it before. I just wonder if sound performance is same as Resound. And if you have Starkey and you’re profoundly deaf, can you share the sound experience?

I try it in Boots store and hope that it satisfies me.

Hello @Sadeaf, I am thinking you will need a UP (Ultra Power) aid for that level of loss, Boots do have the Phonak Naida P90 UP BTE’s, but I would imagine you will still struggle badly in any kind of noisy situation, perhaps a referral/assessment for CI (Cochlear Implants) might prove more beneficial, as you have a fairly tough profound hearing loss across the board, with dead spots between 2kHz & 6kHz… Good luck, cheers Kev :wink:


Very interested in this discussion. My hearing test last week showed continuing degradation to only fifteen percent word recognition . Next week I will get BTE best Starkey can provide. I am long time Starkey user. Then in few days after I get these I will undergo test and eval for cochlear. I am 90 and VA combat disabled rating so I get first class care


I had been on starlet since 2008. Prior to this I was widex user. The reason for switch was that they offered me most power in cic for severe to profound loss.

In 2018 I tried oticon opn 1 ric but it was too loud for me. I again bought starkey cic 1200 Picasso. It’s all about manufacturer formula. Starkey formula is estat which I like.

I recall I’ve tried Phonak Naida in 2015 at NHS and it was awful, it wasn’t power enough to recognise a range of sounds and not loud enough even increased the volume within software (not the volume button control). And I did tried a latest Phonak in Amplifon last year, it’s the same. I am unsure which model. Thanks for your response.

I could ask a staff in Boots if Phonak Nadia P90 is available. However, I wear Resound hearing aid since 2015 and is better than Phonak. I want to buy a latest Resound but the problem that it isn’t available in Amplifon or other non-NHS stores within my local area. That’s why I choose Starkey in Boots, if they had Resound then I would definitely buy it.

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If you don’t mind me asking please… Did the NHS not offer you a Cochlear Implant assessment @sadeaf? In my unprofessional opinion, my extreme apologies for being blunt, no aid could remotely assist you to hear better in complex acoustic environments, you are going to struggle very badly! But, in a quiet environment, 1 to 1 you might get bye… Depending on the speakers voice, good lighting, and lip reading? Yep, older Naida’s from the NHS where terrible, sometimes this is just down to severe constraints on the NHS A.uD’s time, a one appointment fitting isn’t always going to cut it, especially with your level of loss… Fortunately, some NHS Audiology Departments now do REM (Real Ear Measurement) and that is a game changer, it made a massive difference to my hearing aids, I also believe, depending on where you live, the NHS will issue Phonak Naida P70’s? I would certainly try a set of Boots Naida P90’s and see what you think, they have advanced greatly since 2015… REM, and a knowledgeable A.uD is Key, if they don’t do REM, do not buy them! Good Luck, cheers Kev :wink:


Firstly, I understand the importance of speech in loud/quiet environment, I was born deaf and I know the awareness of listening. My hearing experience is much different.

NHS did try to offer me a Cochlear Implant but I am happy with BTE. CI is digital sound format (compress sound) and I would not be happy to hear it as it’s like a robotic sound. And also there is a few disadvantages. I know all hearing aids are digital, but it can be configured to be like an analog hearing aid. That’s why I have Resound and it’s like analog sound (no compress) and allows to hear all things around the place and speech as well.

Interestingly, I haven’t heard of REM and will learn what it is. Thanks for your information.

I will see about Naida and Starkey in boots.


This information is incorrect. CI may sound robotic at first but that goes away quickly.

All modern hearing aids can be programmed this way, not just Resound.

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Yeah Rick, I agree with your statements :smile: I recall many years ago, coaching 8 ball pool, as Scottish coach, part of my remit, was to coach kids with disabilities (known as specials) they where indeed very special, some with very specific and challenging disabilities… One young lad had Usher Syndrome, profoundly deaf from birth with no speech, and blind (tunnel vision), he also had a mild learning difficulties… Now, trying to teach/coach someone to play pool whom is blind, might be the ultimate challenge, for any pool coach? And it would seem a daunting prospect, no matter, he eventually became very good, when you consider his disabilities, but he loved that game, and sheer determination won him through… One thing puzzled me though, why did he wear hearing aids? He couldn’t hear anything, well nothing contextual, so I asked him using Deaf/Blind Manual, you sign on their hands… His reply was, he liked to hear sounds, any sound, at a guess he was frightened, and any sounds where reassuring… I will never forget that young lad, he was a pleasure to coach! Cheers Kev :wink: