What is the difference between 12P, 12SP, 23P, 23SP, and GH03001?


I am looking at

Siemens Digital BTE High-Power LOTUS Hearing Aid

What is the difference between 12P, 12SP, 23P, 23SP, and GH03001?

I know this HA is not the best on the market. I’ll be using this aid
as a spare (right now, I’m using an ancient Oticon EP 50 as a spare

  • whose know how long this 30+ years old HA will last). I want to be
    able to use this HA on either side with frequency and power adjustments
    using the trimmer (I don’t have a Iphone or Android smartphone to do

I am guessing the numbers are the frequency bands, correct? Is # of
frequency bands important for me if I am using the trimmer (I doubt

Thank for your help.



Sheng …
I have two of the Lotus 12P’s. I believe the basic differences to be:

  • The ‘S’ means that the device puts out more power and would cover a larger range of hearing loss.
  • The ‘12’ devices have two adjustments: Low frequency boost and maximum power output (to reduce blasting from loud noises)
  • The ‘23’ devices have three adjustments: the third being an overall loudness control
  • This site talks about these three adjustments: https://hear-better.com/blog/?p=87
    I’m not familiar with the GH03001

I believe the Lotus 12P’s can be a low cost helpful aid for people with the typical moderate to severe hearing loss as frequencies increase (which I have). I did try the Costco KS5’s for 90 days and found the Lotus 12P’s helped me roughly to the same extent and returned the KS5’s.

Good luck!


Thank for replying. Alittle late - since the salesman helped - already order SP23 - but this post will help the next person.
And yes, I still do not know what GH03001 is.