What if the receiver won't stay in my ear?

Does anyone have trouble keeping their receivers in their ears?

I am trying to wear micro BTE HA and have tried several open dome sizes (6mm, 8mm and 10mm) but the recievers/domes keep popping out of my ear canals. Eventually the receivers are completely out of my ears flopping in the breeze. I don’t notice a change in the sound too much, but they look silly and seem like they’re about to fall off.

I like the feel of the 6mm the best, but it has the least amount of holding power. The 8mm is tolerable, but a little painful. My audi said I was a little red and puffy after a week of wearing them. I also tried a tulip dome- no improvement.

We also tried different length wires, but no effect. Also tried bending the wires around to better suit the shape of my ears. Still no luck.

So, a couple questions:

  1. Is there a better way to form the wire? I try to bend it around but it seems to morph back to its original shape. And why is that wire so stiff anyway?
  2. Are there other options for custom mold that I should try? Do CROS mold work with RIC or just thin tubes?

Any other ideas? I am attached to the concept of a fairly open fit w/ minimal occlusion.

Freq: R/L
500: 25/20, 1k: 30/20, 2k: 60/35, 4k: 60/60, 6k: 80/75, 8k: 85/85

It appears that our frequency losses are similar, with mine being a bit worse.

  1. The wire is stiff to maintain its shape and avoid kinking. Heat, as with a hair drier or similar mechanism, is used to give it temporary malleability. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU TRY THIS YOURSELF. I don’t know how easy it is to damage the wire/tube or HA. DIY may also affect your warranty.

  2. I’ve found the best comfort with a custom mold for my receiver, as has poster Neilk - we’re both using Phonak Audeo YES IX aids. Most (all?) manufacturers offer custom molds. It’s something to look into. I’ve experienced no occlusion with them.

hippeaux I’m about to join the YES club. Can’t wait.

What do your molds look like? Are they similar to these?

Or, is it something totally different like a vented CIC shell?


The molds look like the xShell shown here (I have the power receiver):

They’re custom-molded by the audiologist.


The mold must be completely occluded then with your loss?? I’m still holding out hope for a semi-open fit. Maybe it can be vented?

No no no… I have no occlusion, and the molds do have a nice size vent in each.

Agreed. I have no occlusion at all with my custom molds. Mine are like full sized CIC’s, but clear, with a vent hole, and a slot that the rather large power receiver fits into. I’ve had no problem with slippage at all, although I get the sensation once in a rare while that they are doing so. But a slight push against them shows that they are fully in and have not moved at all. I know that my audi had them made at Westone from the initial molds she took for the Siemens I trialed before falling in love with the YES IX’s.

The link to All American looks like just sound tubes ending in a mold rather than molds for a receiver (RIC) to fit into.

Neilk, hippeaux-

Good, good…

I couldn’t find any info on the Westone site, but I’ll ask my audi for a CIC receiver shell with a vent. Thanks for the direction!

I don’t know if Westone made my shells - they’re stamped with “PHONAK” and serial numbers. But they look just as Neilk described.

Pax576, I have heard that in a month Phonak are coming out with new ‘slim tip’ tiny molds (see hippeaux’s link) that do not slide out if you can wait.

The slim tip looks tiny! I like it!

They are not available now then? I wonder why it would already be advertised on their site if it’s not offered.

What you see on that website is already out - I have them.

It is not a problem with everyone, but mine do constantly slip out.

I read on this forum from a reliable source that end April/ beginning May Phonak will be introducing new molds made from a different material which supposedly will be better suited for people like us.

I am sure we will be hearing more about this soon on the forum, so keep tuned.

This may not be pertinent to your brand of HA…
However, Widex makes a BTE with at different kind of retainer than
the thin “wire” or plastic thing.
They use a what looks like a piece of about 1/4 in tubing cut about 1/8 in long. This “tube” is attached near the dome.
It gives the holding power a little flex in it’s grip when compressed,
it bounces right back and holds firm.

Althought I did not go with the Widex, I did like this method the best
as far a retention and comfort.

Maybe others will use this approach.