What happened to Jabra special settings?

When I got my Costco Jabra hearing aids about 9 months ago, I had 3 or 4 optional settings I could choose from (e.g., restaurant, all-around, etc.). Now due to software updates, I suppose, I am left with only two. One is the standard “All-around” and the other is “Hear In Noise.” I have found the Hear In Noise selection to be more than useless. When turned on, I tend to get clatter and amplified nearby conversations in a restaurant, the very thing I wanted to eliminate. So, I am left with only All-around. Does anybody know why either Costco or Resound has given up on the special settings? I used to have a noise suppression setting that was in fact quite good.

It’s a programming thing. The same thing happened to me after my aids were returned after being repaired. The fitter forgot to load the other programs. Contact them to get it fixed. That’s what I’m doing.

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Software updates, Or do you mean firmware?Which ones, because this shouldn’t remove programs that are set up in your HAs, have you uninstalled the App and reinstalled, this may force the App to show the 4 set programs in your HAs, ReSound certainly hasn’t given up on any features.
If you toggle through the buttons on your HAs do you still have the 4 programs to choose from?

What do you mean “toggle through?” There are only two programs available at the top. I deleted the app and reinstalled, repaired the HAs, and I still have only 2 programs available.

I was just at Costco this morning but hadn’t seen your reply. The last time I talked to them about the dropped programs, the response I got was something like, “Oh, you don’t need those. They all do the same thing. So, you only need the two that you have.” I sure liked the restaurant program and neither of the two programs I have now help me in a noisy restaurant.

The button on your HAs, when you push the button it changes to another program ( toggle through) you should have 4 as you say.

Um this sounds like they must of removed the programming at some point, weird issue mate, go back and tell them you want them back the way you had them, it’s not their decision, insist they do this.

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Perhaps you should be the judge of that. If they didn’t discuss it with you before they deleted them, they should be more than capable of restoring them.

Tell them to put them back the way they were. They’re your hearing aids, not theirs.


The hear in noise is what they call the restaurant setting now.

Anyhow they can change the settings in the hear in noise program to make the focus narrower.

If you want, you to can use three of your four programs and have three different hear in noise settings which different degrees of focus.

resound screen

Noise suppression is found in the Environmental Optimizer settings.

You might also want of check to see if the hearing aid fitter set you to a new user or experienced user.

Not true, unless the audi set them up that way.
Default setting for button on aids only controls volume.
The audi would have to purposely remove the other programs at some adjustment. This wouldnt change due to any updates.
I only really use All Around or Outdoors. The others are useless to me.

I use all 4, but seldom the music one. I especially like Outdoors and Hear in Noise, which I DO find very helpful when in places like the grocery store, bank, doc’s office, etc. It definitely focuses on the face in front of you and damps down surrounding noise. I do have the Jabra EP20.

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You need to use a 3 second push to get the program toggle. 1 second is for volume as you mentioned.


I too miss the Restaurant setting, which apparently has morphed into Hear in Noise, which I don’t much like. I need to have my fitter try to narrow the sound focus, as suggested. I also have Outdoors, which has a decent wind control, and Music, which is very helpful for listening to as well as performing music. If your app doesn’t show those you need to have them reinstalled.

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I never knew that. Thanks. Always learning something new here…

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Once you find the focus setting you like, you might also want to make another appointment and have them adjust the Noise Tracker setting to see if any adjustment there is helpful.

You can also try adjusting the Environmental Optimizer settings. This will automatically adjust the volume in your hearing aids depending the listening environment.

All of this assumes that the Jabra has these adjustments.

Note these hearing aids can do remote fittings. If you and your Costco hearing aid fitter are computer savvy, that may save you a trip to the store.

As far as I know, there is no Environmental Optimizer with the Jabra HA system. Also, so far my Costco HA guys have resisted giving me any remote control, so I will have to go in to have anything loaded. Your point is well taken. There is no reason why these options could not be downloaded and installed remotely.

As a result of my negative interactions with Costco coupled with my 10 months of experience with the Jabra HAs, I would rate my overall HA experience as a 5 out of 10. As for their helping my hearing, maybe a bit but certainly not dramatically.

Yes there is. Its labled Environmental Optimizer II in SmartFit. It isnt a mode or program but an adjustment for loud and soft sounds that is only set while using the SmartFit program.

I had a similar experience with Costco. I returned my Jabra’s because costco could not get them set correctly for my loss, even after many appointments.
Whats interesting is that i found the equivalent Resound aids being sold by a family whose relative just passed away and were only used for a few months before he passed. I found a private audi that did an initial fit with REM and 2 follow ups for $380. He did a better job than Costco but still not rerally happy. So i purchased a Noahlink and downloaded the smartfit software here and learned some basic programming at Audiologyonline.com and self adjust by tinkering with settings in SmartFit. You cant really screw up because you save the current programming of your aids and can always revert back to any previous adjustments. So many times an adjustment seems good sitting inside but once you hit the real world things change. DIY programming allows you to keep trying different settings and adjustments at will.
Costco also wouldnt remote program for me at the time.


I don’t know if this link will work, you may have to sign up to be a member but what you all are calling restaurant mode is now called front focus. This is how to get it and its by Brian, the Costco fitter on YouTube. https://www.hearingclub.me/forum/helpful-files-links/how-to-add-front-focus-cone

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Thanks JRM1, I didn’t know about that site. It looks interesting for diy’ers