What exactly is a noahlink wireless? (TECHNICAL)

I realize that the NOAHlink wireless is a programming utility for new wireless BLE hearing aids

But here’s the thing, I don’t exactly see anything special about it, it looks like an overpriced bluetooth adapter with some proprietary wireless protocol translation going on…

Is there more to it, and are the possible cheaper alternatives to programming BLE hearing aids (DIY NOAHLink Wireless?)?

If it is more than just a glorified BLE adapter, what protocol does it use then to communicate to hearing aids, such as Phonak BLE ones?


For DIY Help 24/7; Click any PVC Avatar; and then
Click PVC’s Featured Topic;
There you will find two clickable links for (DIY School and Fitting Software).

Maybe read a DIY School PDF file named
(03 Evolution of the Hearing Aid Programming Device)

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Oh no it’s Noahlink wireless, the NOAHlink is a much older device for older HAs.

Well this is what makes it special and overpriced! The proprietary package you won’t get anywhere on any other Bluetooth dongle!

Yes definitely more to it, again forget about the NOAHlink just don’t go there, the Noahlink wireless is cheap on eBay at $125 sometimes cheaper for used.

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Noahlink Wireless FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions;

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