What does Phonak offer? And what to you is important?

This post is especially for Phonak users and/or dispensers,

Even though my Audi recommends Oticon (see the Audiologists vs hearing aid stores - #25 by gorgeguy thread) I’ve decided to go with Phonak.

I want it to work with my Android phone and tablet. Because of my business, I can’t do iPhone/Apple because to transfer the files from Windows to Apple takes too much time.

So I need to go armed with what I want.

What kind of programs are available? **

** I definitely need music.

** Also speech.

** Is there more than one speech, like one for noisy places?

** Any other programs I may want?

How about a remote mic? I’ve read about a “pen”. Anything better?

I’ve read about speaker domes and one that can be either open and/or closed. Is that worth it? I do fine with closed domes.

If I’m listening to something on the Phonak via Bluetooth, does it mute out everything else, or does the mic on the aids mix with the Bluetooth input?

Anything else I should know that is important to you and and might be important to me?

I’ve had ReSounds and Oticons so far, and from what I’ve read, for my situation and amount of hearing loss, the Phonak aids seem to be my best bet.


If connectivity with Android and a laptop is important to you, then Phonak is the best solution for you. It uses classic bluetooth and works great.
The worst is just connecting to the application because it takes longer to connect, at least more than 5 seconds.

Phonak has a program for music. there are 9 programs. I better show you the phonak Audeo lumity specs, please note that it shows 4 technology levels, L90 is the most expensive and L30 is the cheapest. And if you look carefully, the music program is available from L70. This does not mean that others cannot listen to music.

But to really see what the hearing aid is like, you have to really try it, at least for 2 weeks, because the ear needs time to learn a new sound.

For noisy places, there is a speech in noise program. It narrows the microphone to hear better in front of the person and what is behind will be muted. To be honest, I heard from Doctor CliffAud that oticon has a better program for these conditions, that they filter the noise better without affecting the speech too much.

I forgot to say, those programs I mentioned fall under Autosense, which automatically changes programs and is able to recognize the conditions in which a certain program is needed.
It is possible to add additional programs that you can change yourself by pressing a button or in the application

By the way, I also recommend reading the old topics here on the forum, they are really instructive. Here, for example, some Phonak Luminity users have written their own experiences that they noticed when they compared it with an older phonak model.

open or closed domes. It depends on the hearing loss, if the hearing loss is mild then you can have the domes open because they will not cause feedback.
But you have to pay attention that open domes make it difficult to listen to music via bluetooth, because noise and other sounds enter the ear and the music does not sound good.

That’s why phonak designed a receiver called Activevent, it has a mechanism that closes the flow of background sound, some forum members here described it as a clicking sound.
I heard that this receiver has a shelf life of 6 months, talk to the dealer more about it because I don’t have enough information. And you can have that receiver only if your hearing is not too damaged.


The Phonak Lumity is only available as a rechargeable version, if you use bluetooth a lot and the additional mic will drain the battery faster, you may need to charge the battery in the afternoon.
The reason is bluetooth classic, which unfortunately is not economical for the battery.

As an additional microphone, there are Phonak Partner Mics, which your partner wears on a shirt

There is also a microphone like the Roger Select which has more options and is worn on a necklace around your partner’s neck, and it also doubles as a desk microphone, see the video.Roger Select – Versatile microphone to enjoy restaurants - YouTube
Roger Select – Versatile microphone to stay connected - YouTube

You also have Roger ON as a microphone like roger select but to operate them, you have to point it at the person. Phonak Roger ON Review | Best Remote Microphone Accessory EVER? - YouTube

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Regarding bluetooth listening, by default it is set to combine ambient sounds and bluetooth streaming audio.

If you want, you can press the top button on the hearing aid to reduce the sound coming from the microphone to make the bluetooth louder, this is useful if you are somewhere noisy. The bottom button turns down the sound coming through bluetooth, but I turn down the sound through the smartphone instead. What I said can also be done in the application, i.e. determine the balance of the sound from the microphone and the sound that is being streamed.
Your audiologist can adjust this to your liking, because every time you remove it from the charger it returns to its default settings.

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You don’t have to point Roger On, but you can use pointer mode if you like. There is also table mode, presenter mode, and media mode (plugged into an audio source via a cable. The new Roger On version coming out soon will have a few more modes. I like my Roger On a lot.

For table mode, it automatically goes from pointer mode (when you hold it like a phaser) to table mode when you set it down. You can go into the MyRogerMic app and select which pie sectors of a circle around the mic you want to be heard. The mic does beam forming to exclude what you have deselected.

I have heard the select is a little better at table use. I dunno. I like the on a lot.

I also have Activevents. I also like that a lot.

The Roger Mics and the TV Connectors don’t use BT Classic, they use proprietary protocols that are much better on the battery than BT. I typically stream ~6 hours a day and probably more than 5 are either TV connector (hooked to a computer) or the Roger.



I don’t use Roger, I tried to describe as best I know :slight_smile:

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OK! Taking these one at a time as I am currently wearing - and SUPER happy with - Phonak Lumity Life aids (well, other than the fact that they are NOT WATERPROOF!)…

I’ve also been a happy Oticon user - but changed tracks years ago when they dropped the ball on a hands-free streaming “necklace”. Oh well! That forced me to try Phonak, and I’ve been in that camp ever since. The Lumity Life aids are indeed noticeably better for speech comprehension in a wide range of situations than the older Marvels I had. So far, so GOOD!


Thank you all for your kind comments.

There is a lot of food for thought. My appt is later next month, so I am going to collect as much info as I can, so that I can tell her what features I want.

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I am glad I stumbled across this post before asking any of my own questions. I have the Paradise p90s and work some shifts on an ambulance from time to time and have been considering the Roger since I spend a lot of time seated behind the patient.

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sorry for asking, I didn’t understand when you would use a roger microphone? You said that you are always behind with the patient.

The patient is usually talking away from me and not in my general direction, so I figured that the Roger placed closer to them would help. Essentially the patient is on a stretcher with their back to me. Also, even with hearing aids, the ambient noise from the ventilation system and road noise makes things difficult.

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See if you can get a trial. Velcro it to the ceiling maybe, pointing down at patient?



maybe Roger won’t be as effective in an ambulance. Because the environment is noisy, because of the noise of engines and traffic. Try it out to see if it works for you. I think that it is still difficult to listen, especially when they are not the same person, some patients, when they come down injured, do not try to speak intelligibly. … If there is a possibility, maybe they will move you to another position in the hospital? Where would be a better environment for you? Where there is less interaction with patients and more work such as preparing medicines for patients, etc.

I heard they make an external mic that looks like a pen but can’t find it. Was I misinformed, or is the Roger On what they are talking about?

There is a Roger Pen. I’m including a link just for an example. There are different versions and one still needs to deal with the receiver issue. Don’t buy until you understand what you’re buying and KNOW it will work. PHONAK ROGER FM PEN 1.1 WIRELESS MICROPHONE | eBay


Thanks MDB.

On further searching, I find the Roger Pen has been discontinued, so I won’t be looking for one.

Phonak has other remote mics, so I’ll choose one that my wife can easily have during noisy situations. Perhaps a clip-on.

I’m not sure of the difference between the Roger On and the Roger Clip on. The Phonak site doesn’t make it clear. I suspect they think the provider is the better choice for information, but I don’t know how much my Oticon preferring provider knows about Phonak gear. I’ll find out next month, but I want to be prepared to ask the right questions.

I plan to get everything from my Audi, so that will insure compatibility, if not, she won’t charge me for it. Plus, if I have a problem, going back to the Audi for service is easy.

In the rare instances in the past where my aids needed servicing, she always provided a loaner for me. With the Oticons, the only failures were the speaker attachment, resulting in a dead speaker.

I suspect the Phonaks will be at least that reliable.

My insurance will give me $2k off if I choose an in-system partner, and I checked, the Audi I have been using is in system. $2K will help a lot, as I’m not wealthy.



Roger On can function in multiple ways. It can be used as a clip on mic. It can be used sitting on a table and will focus on whoever is speaking and it can be used as a pointer mic. If all you want is a clip on microphone, the Phonak PartnerMic is much less expensive and works very well. Roger devices purchased new are quite pricy.

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If you are considering the Roger On, I would wait. They are going to launch the Roger On 2 (I think that will be the name), and it has additional functionality. Although I love my Roger On, and it has proved to be incredibly valuable in complex hearing situations, I wish I would have hobbled along without it until the new one came out.

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Thanks. I didn’t know about the Partner Mic, and that might be a good solution.

I just sent back the Phonak Lumity 90Rs that I had been trialing since January (the VA gives a long trial period). I had a Roger On remote microphone that was the best thing about the Phonak system, in my opinion. It was nice to be able to be paired with multiple devices simultaneously. The Phonaks are the only HAs I’ve had that would pair directly to a PC laptop. There was a lot to like about them. I just did not like the sound quality that I got with them.