What color are your ear molds?

I’m just wondering if it’s more common to have clear ear molds rather then colored ear molds?

Mine are currently purple and white marbled.


^^^ Those are gorgeous!!! I don’t know if I’d be allergic to the plastic earmold material, but what a way-cool color combination.

I never get a choice of color for my aids! It kind of bugs me, but when I go in to “trial” a pair, my aud-guy gives me what-all he has on hand right there. He typically gets just one pair to demo, I guess?

Then, when I make the final buy, it’s the very same aids I’d trialed. I’ve always wondered how many others got to use & abuse the same pair, and why I’m never shown a color chart to make my actual purchase selection. When we custom order a car, they never just say, “Take the one off the lot you test-drove - thassall!”

Currently, my Phonak Audeo B-Directs are a BMW pewter color. I have double dome power domes on each aid. Those are a dark, smoke topaz color. Nothing zany there, either.

Love your colorful Phonaks!

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From Phonak literature online:
“Available in a variety of hair, skin, fashion and fun colors.”

I’m wondering who has colorful ear molds, not the hearing aids.

My son once had Aquamarine, his last ones The right was B/W & left was Brown and White.

I modified these, My son said they were making his ears hurt. He has gotten new molds that are more in the ear canal

Aaaaaa, is it wrong to say I’m a SO jealous you have colourful molds and aids?

Didn’t get any choice of colour with my molds, only clear sadly but I would so have gone for these because :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Mine are relatively plain sadly but I do have little buns!


OK: Page 4. Says it all! I’ve just printed it out to take to my aud-guy next week. Seeing a chart of options like this makes me wish I could program my own aids - or just play around with the settings.

Thanks for sharing this link! :slight_smile:

got sparkly green earmolds at the moment!

I have always had clear ones supplied by the NHS. I now have privately made silicone moulds made by Egger. It is annoying that the part that sits in the ear canal does discolour after a while which isn’t very nice to look at but I knew that would happen with silicone ear moulds. I did try thermotec moulds, which are more hard wearing and less likely to discolour but didn’t find them comfortable so went back to silicone.

But even though I have had the option to have coloured ones in the past, I prefer clear ones as they are more invisible in the ear.

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