What are the signs of bad Audiologist?


What are the signs of bad Audiologist? I need to know this before switching to different audiologist.
I have been seeing this audiologist for tweaking more than 5 times for tweaking.



That part sounds normal. What are your concerns with your current audiologist?



Okay, I was wondering. I have been wearing HAs most of my life. I usually see audiologist for tweaking like one time after getting a new pair of HAs.

So, this time, I have been having headache between tweaking times. I asked her why is that. She said she doesn’t know why and she doesn’t use too much power to program my HAs. Also, she suggested maybe I need to see primary care doctor.



That sounds like pretty reasonable advice.



When l got my new dual bte hearing aids in 2007, l was working in a loud noise environment and my aids had to be adjusted 11 times the first year. Good idea to see a primary care doctor.



I average about 10-12 adjustments. Some are for hearing tweaks and some are for setting up my preferences.



Your hearing test should have included “Speech Recognition” and the highest tolerated sound level at different frequencies.

The fitting should have included Real Ear Measurement to verify the fitting results.

The professional needs to listen to your hearing experiences and attempt to resolve issues if possible.

The professional needs to be available when help is needed. I had one semi-retired professional who was only available sporadically.



Are you able to enter your audiogram so we can see how difficult your hearing loss is to fit?

I’ll give you what to look for in a good Aud-
For me I would be asking if they are a qualified Audiologist, and registered with a current practicing certificate. Make sure they are very familiar with the brand of HA’s you have.
Someone mentioned REM, while for a lot of people that’s excellent, but if you don’t need a lot of gain it’s a pain, because it confuses the aud if they are not familiar with your audiogram and requirements.
Someone who listens to you and tries to do what you want.
Someone who will listen to your wants, give you options so you can make an choice, to go and do your research on.

Good luck

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For me whether they are a degreed Audiologist or a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist is not a big deal.

I have received some of the worse service Colton Audiologists including one that teaches and one who was recently degreed.

I have received some of my best care from HIS interns who are working towards their certification.

In other words, “your mileage may vary “.



@prodigyplace I did say “for me” with my severe profound hearing loss I’m difficult to fit. I’ve had graduate students and they can’t cope with my loss. That’s why I asked if they would chart an audiogram so we could all see what amount of loss nsk has…
To the best of my knowledge here in Australia we don’t have hearing instrument technicians. If we do I’ve not come across any of them as yet… But I’m not say we don’t…

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Understood. It was not clear to me nsk is in Australia.

Many people here have had better results with degreed Audiologists but it is really the carefulness and attention to patient concerns that are vital. Referrals from happy clients are the only way I know of determining that.




Oups, bad topic, sorry…



If you visit a clinic with an AuD who wears aids and keeps asking you to repeat yourself or saying “huh?” or if you’re in Canada “eh?” it would probably be best to move on.

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Hi thank you for your time to comment below me. I still struggle with ReSound LiNX 3D. My audiologist sent my hearing aids to lab to see what was wrong with them. When they came back, the volume still goes up and down. It becomes harder for me to understand people I’m social gathering, even at my home. It gets hard when I go outside then volume becomes distant. I have become anti-social as I am comfortable being by myself at home with my husband and two small children. I was never like this with my bte hearing aids I wore most of my life. The reason I chose to get a new set of HAs was when both of my resound live bte were damaged by wear and tear after almost 9 years, I had them sent to lab for repair. When they came back, both of HAs fitting program were gone. And, audiologists do not have program or my fitting program saved in their computer. Because software was discontinued. I called resound for software, they don’t have it anymore. That was the reason why I had to buy new HA for over $6,000. They’re ReSound LiNX 3D (ric). And I am not very happy with its feature if volume going up and down at any place where I go and when I am with friends.
I live in Florida. I wear bte HAs most of my life. I’ve never complain so much with these new HAs. My audiologist is trying to figure it out since I had them last May. We switched from dome (with high power receiver) to custom mold (with ulta power).

My hearing loss is moderate to severe. I will attach my audiogram later.



I figured I didn’t need to see primary care doctor. It was because I was trying two different set of HAs in one week that gave me headache.



My audiogram is updated on my profile.

I honestly do not know what kind of resound HAs I have. My audiologist never told me what it is, but now after so many months - I just emailed her what type they are. I still struggle with auto-changing volume in both HAs wherever I go. It’s really annoying. I’ve gone to her more than 20 times for these HAs. I purchased them last May.

I am a long-time BTE wearer…for 33 years.