What apps are useful for tinnitus?

I’m curious to know what apps forum users find useful for alleviating tinnitus symptoms. I’m specifically interested in apps that are not connected to any of the hearing aid manufacturers.

I’ll start with my favorite (mostly because of the resarch, medical certification, and beautiful design):

iOS: ‎Diapason for tinnitus on the App Store
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=care.immersivetherapy.diapason

I use Rain Rain, or White Noise. Both are available in the App Store. I like Rain Rain better though.

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i use the built in zen tones on my widex hearing aids

i also really like certain nature sounds (crickets and frogs) which i loop from apple music

i have the starkey and widex apps but never use them as i don’t really like much that they offer since they are mainly simple sounds and i prefer complex sounds

never heard of the app you mention, are you paying the in-app subscription ? in my currency, it is close to $200 a year

i have had tinnitus for 25 years and seen it all, i am highly skeptical that they are gaining clinical success with only 15 minutes a day

has this app actually helped you ?

I have a single-tone type of tinnitus and am always afraid to try ANY kind of noise to blank it out. Next thing I know, that very sound is playing through my mind.

It’s the same with listening to vocal music (way more than instrumental!). If I play a favorite artist, I’ve got maybe 1 or 2 songs playing like an endless earworm for DAYS and DAYS.

Someone once said playing “Yellow Submarine” wipes everything else out … but the thought of that song playing endlessly in my mind is truly scary.

I use the tinnitus program in the aids sometimes.
At night I use Boise sleepbuds with the sound of crashing waves when I go to sleep.

the idea is to play a sound at very, very low volume, not to “wipe out” or compete with the tinniitus but give the brain another real sound to focus on and de-energize the phantom tinnitus sound in the brain

widex uses fractal zen tones that are auto generated and are not in any way memorable, much like white or brown noise or rain sounds etc

i wouldn’t worry about those sounds getting looped

you are just stimulating the brain

I did a Widex trial about 3 yrs ago and tried out the Zen fractal tones - they were LOVELY! It would be interesting to see if playing a competing, low volume tone would have any impact on my constant, 24x7 tinnitus tone!

Hey, I just surfed up to this site with a keyboard simulator, and find that my tinnitus appears to be the G4 key, LOL!

i finally am now using the zen tones every day now (about 10 days) even though i have had the ha for about two years

they are really very helpful, if i have them off which i do for short periods during the day as i switch technology or have the aids out, i notice that my awareness of tinnitus spikes

they are designed to be used for a very long stretch, like 6 months at least

this was a very interesting interview with robert sweetow who is a well known physician in the tinnitus community, he talks about the zen tones and basically says that his research with a small test group was very positive … widex is hawking the video, i have no idea if they bankrolled the study, but again, in my own experience, they are very helpful

the study did indeed include comparing the zen tones to other sounds like broadband for example