What apps are useful for hearing loss?

I’m curious to know what apps forum users find useful. I’m specifically interested in apps that are not connected to any of the hearing aid manufacturers, or connected to any peripheral devices. Here are a few of the apps on my radar (posting iOS links, but I believe most of these are on Android as well):

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I have an entire hearing folder on my iPhone and iPad. While I downloaded many apps including the ones listed above, I only really use a tinnitus app that simulates rain and also InnoCaption which I use at work. Tunity is a cool app which I used a little before getting the tv adapter for my Opn aids. SonicCloud is also pretty neat and allows you to really manipulate the sound coming in while on a phone call, but it required a subscription after the first thirty days or so. If I used only ear buds instead of streaming for calls, I probably would have subscribed.

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Which tinnitus app do you use?

It’s actually called Rain Rain. Not sure if it’s specifically marketed for tinnitus, but it works for me.

Tinnitus app never worked for me it just increase pressure rather going to silent place or using HA is more helpful(if required I am muting HA for silence), I haven’t finded any app working since any caption service not available in my country for talking in my native language.

Soundprint App will test the background noise in a restaurant and add that information to a database of searchable restaurants. lnnoCaption app will caption your cellphone calls. AVA app will caption a live conversation. These exist for both Apple & Android.

Adding a couple more that came across the radar:


https://www.fennex.io/ (use with AirPods)


I am looking for an Android app that will turn my phone tp a remote microphone.