What Android phone do you suggest for hearing loss?

I’m looking for a cell phone under $200, Any suggestions, Thank you.

What hearing aids do you want it to work with? If it’s an ASHA hearing aid, you’d be hard pressed to get a new phone for under $200. For a used phone that’s ASHA compatible, I really like my Samsung Galaxy S10e. The S10 is also nice. OnePlus 7T is also nice although might run over $200 used. If you want new and don’t need ASHA, the OnePlus Nord N200 is nice, but it’s like $240. If you want new and under $200, maybe the Motorola Moto G Play (2021) My opinions borrow heavily from Wirecutter, TomsGuide and many other review sites.

I were Phonak B 90 with a cross in left ear. The moto 6 Power was suggested as you mentioned.

I’m going to look up your suggestions, thank you, karen

Unless you have Audeo B Direct, I guess direct phone streaming isn’t an issue and you’d be using a Compilot 2? Anyway, Moto G Power or Moto G Play would both be ok. They’re both very large phones. Between the 2, the Power is probably the better choice.

Sorry my hearing aids are B-90 auto, is that what you are referring to when you mentioned Audeo B Direct?

Something to add. Neither of the Motorola phones have 5G reception. Not terribly important now, but if you intend to keep this phone for a long time it might become an issue. The OnePlus N200 is the only phone mentioned that has 5G.

The B90 came in two versions. The first one did not support streaming phone calls without using a Compilot 2. The second version, called the “Direct” did support streaming phone calls “directly” (without Compilot device)

I have a Compilot 2. I will kook into OnePlus N200.

I’m unsure how well the One Plus N200 works with Verizon. If you have Verizon, I’d verify with them if it’s compatible.

The man is looking for something under $200. I think that eliminates 5g

Is the ComPilot II something that will work with newer phones or will there be a point where the Bluetooth in the ComPilot become’s too old?

Here in the UK I can get a free upgrade of a phone every 24 months but want my ComPilot to last a lot longer. (I’ve only ever had iPhone’s.)

Phone compatibility is weird enough that I think it’s wise to always verify compatibility before commiting, but as far as I know ComPilot is compatible with all versions of Bluetooth and Phonak’s site states they’re compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones. Phones have kept backward compatibility. I guess it’s forseeable that at sometime in the future phones will give up backward conmpatibility with older versions of Bluetooth but I suspect that your Compilot will have died by then.

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I will pipe up from personal experience, but little technical knowledge. I was awaiting a cochlear implant but needed a new, inexpensive, phone in the meantime. I should have verified compatibility before hand aS @MDB suggested. I ended up with a Hauwei P30 lite as I understood it had the right version of Android (or Hauwei’s version) and it was very cheap with a new phone plan. Unfortunately, I discovered that Hauwei hasn’t activated the AHSA technology which is already built into the phone. Shame on Hauwei. This meant that the phone wouldn’t be compatible with the streaming capabilities of some of the CI brands. As it turned out for me, the CI brand that I was implanted with is compatible with any phone, as it should be IMHO. So, I would give Hauwei a pass …

The Samsung A series phones are cheap, 5g and run 10.0

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