Weird problem with Phonak Audeo Marvel M90

I have a problem which defies my understanding! About a month ago I received these HAs as a upgrade from an M50 which wasn’t really helping me that much. The M90 HAs have been far better with speech recognition in noisy environments but I have a problem with streaming from my iPhone 11. At all but minimal volumes I get distortion of speech from the right HA - a buzzing sound over the top of speech. This occurs both with phone calls and audio from apps. Only on streaming, never for live use. I also get when I stream from my laptop.

Now for the really odd thing. If I take my left HA out of my air, the noise from my right HA vanishes - everything is clear. Put it back in and the problem returns. Note that I am not switching the right HA off, just taking it out of my ear. This makes no sense to me at all! I can not see how the position of the left HA affects what is being delivered to my right HA.

I have another visit to my audiologist booked but I think she will think I am mad. Previously she tested the right HA listening to it using a stethoscope and could find nothing wrong. That was before I discovered the involvement of the left HA. Does anyone have any idea what is happening with my HAs?

So this is when streaming only right? If so, one hearing aid is the master and the other is the slave, so one HA is streaming to the other, the problem seems to be the master (in your case R/H one which is the default in target, it can be changed over to the left if you wanted)
Do you have the T- coil model by any chance?

Yes I do. They are M90-RT. Why is this important?

I was thinking that maybe some kind of interference issue there, is the t-coil an automatic program or do you manually change to it…but anyways something else to try, can you swap the receivers over from left to right, just so you can confirm its the HA and not some kind of receiver problem.
I don’t see this kind of issue has been mentioned on the forum before, so maybe something new.

I don’t think I can change this, but I guess my Audiologist can. So I will speak to her!

Sure you can, it’s very easy to do, see here.

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