Wearing hearing aids after taking a shower

I just got out of the shower today and dried my ear using a tissue. When I put my hearing aid on, I find out that my hair is still a bit too wet, so I took it off and turned it off. The hearing aid I have is Audeo s by phonak and I’m wondering if I did any damage to the hearing aids?

Jason, I must say your posts here are very unique.

Your hearing aids should be fine, but you might want to look into a dryer for your hearing aids if it happens a lot :smiley:

Combined with your other post, I get the sense you fear moisture… :wink: Don’t go getting your aid soaked, but they aren’t so sensitive that they’ll immediately die on contact with damp hair or ear…

I was washing my hair in the shower when I realized that I had not removed my Rexton Quintras. I dried them off with a towel, opened the battery door and used a hair dryer on them. So far no problem. I guess I got lucky.