Wax protection, Phonak Paradise and Costco K10

CeruShield discs are used for wax protection in Phonak paradise and KS10 receivers attached to domes. With custom ear molds, such as SlimTips, Phonak also recommends placing a CeruStop filter in the earpiece. Would having two filters in the hearing aid affect the quality of sound?
New receivers for those hearing aids come with CeruShield discs already installed. Would it make sense to remove the CeruShield disc from the receiver before attaching it to the SlimTip?

I hate those gall-darn-little discs. I’m older. I can’t see them once they are in. I have trouble getting them aligned right. If I take the dome off and look I find that they’re not in right at least 1/3 of the time. No wonder I can’t hear. Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s.

@jm40 I’ve never see theCeruStop filter. I’ve actually gone without the wax guard completely and replaced the receiver later.


Cerustop filters can only be installed in custom earmolds, such as SlimTips. They cannot be used with domes

Have you ever discussed the use of SlimTips with your Audi?


The CeruStop filters are inserted on the outside of the SlimTips and can be replaced much easier.
(I thought that every time I read your comments on the CeruShield discs… :wink:).

Here’s a YouTube video of how’s the filter replaced:

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Thanks so much.
No I haven’t.

I’ve discussed the Phonak wax guards with him every visit.

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He called Phonak’s local office 10 km away. They said they have had no complaints. :frowning:

edit: guess I’m the first one to complain. The wax guards are junk.

That ‘tool’ is the same one that Widex uses.The wax guard installer that Phonak uses is one of the deciding factors,plus others,that turned me off when I chose my current HA’s.Huck

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