Wax guard problems

I wonder if other users have the same problems with the Oticon wax guards that when changing wax guards.
Often the “tool” does not pull the wax guard out of the wire and I have to use a pin to dig out.
Other times the wax guard will not release off of the “tool” for installing.
Costing a lot of wax guards.


I have the same issue with my hearing aids. However, mine are Phonak Audeo Paradise P90’s.

I’ve used my Swiss Army Knife on occasion. No kidding.


Switch to standard Cerustops- just cheaper and easier to use.

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Is that the Cerusheild?

Different kettle of fish. More awkward to resolve that.

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“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

I never had issues with the old Phonak wax filters.
I spoke up out of sympathy for the first poster.

I’ve gone without wax filters at times.

Surely the manufacturers have focus groups that try out and disqualify hair brained ideas. If they don’t I volunteer for Phonak’s trial!


I’ve had trouble in replacing the wax guards on my Oticon ITE aids.

Yes, I have the same problem with wax guards for the receivers in my Widex Moment RICs.
I use a pair of fine-tipped tweezers to pull the old wax guard off the tip of the receiver.
I have not had the problem (yet) of the new wax guard failing to stick in place on the tip of the receiver.
Maybe I should wipe the tip before I put the new wax guard on to remove any earwax that has seeped in?

I have Oticon aids both OPN1 and now MORE1. I have had same problems with both I believe because the custom moulds get softer after a period of time and the wax guard receptical expands. The audi recommended changing the wax guards when cold meaning before inserting the aids in the morning. When that no longer worked I had the moulds replaced. I could also remove the guard from the pin and insert it by hand. I believe the OPN1 guards are larger and that could solve the insertion problem with the MORE aids. I was always able to get old guard out, just problems with getting new one inserted. Oticon has a new mould material which audi said should fix this problem.

Or use standard Cerustops in the Oticon to replace the ProWax Minifit; as the tool is better for extraction and insertion. Plus they’re cheaper and you get two more per pack.

All my customers are switched over to them as soon as possible: simply to encourage the exchange of filters (especially if they make a lot of wax).


I wanted to chime in with today’s Adventures In Wax Guards! Mine are for the Phonak Lumity Life aids. Honestly, the last time I had wax guards changed on ANY aid was for a pair of Marvels several years ago when my audi managed to jam 2 into the speaker. Months later, I had to use a special jeweler’s eyeglass with light and a straight pin to pick, poke and prod those itsy bitsy teensy weensy wax guards OUT.

Since that day, I haven’t had the courage to change a wax guard on my aids. Until today. I just felt BOLD! So I got out my little black flying saucer, and to my utter amazement, I got 3 wax guards OUT and the replacements IN with no prob whatsoever. I was giddy with glee.

But the 4th and final one (for my back up aids) was like the same 'ol story. Pressing the speaker down onto the removal spike just jammed it into the receiver deeper and deeper. So I had to get out the same jeweler’s eyepiece with light on it, grab a straight pin, and once again, poke, pick and pry that stubborn wax guard out of the speaker tip. I got a replacement one in with NO prob, but it bugs me that it’s so ridiculously stressful trying to simply change a wax guard.

On top of which, the cardboard box that holds the flying saucers with replacements has like cartoon drawings that no one in any language can figure out. So I wanted to post pictures of my process in the hopes of making it easier for other Phonak HA wearers.

  1. First step is to get the flying saucer out. You’ll see that the #1 and #2 “ports” are blocked:

  1. Now use the textured arrows to spin the saucer clockwise till the #1 port is open and EMPTY. This is where you press your speaker firmly to REMOVE the current wax guard. You’ll see that the replacement wax guard is at port #2 at the bottom.

  1. After REMOVING the old wax guard, press the speaker onto port #2 to attach the replacement wax guard.

You’ll now see that the OLD wax guard is in port #1 and the port #2 is empty cuz that wax guard is now on your speaker. Voila!

You can spin the saucer clockkwise to get it ready for the next time, or leave it as-is. Perhaps have a good pair of magnification glasses and straight pin handy when undertaking this delicate “surgery”. GOOD LUCK.

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I try not to cry when I read the instructions. Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s with anchors on…

They spell out CLICK as if I’m supposed to hear that the wax guard is attached. I can’t!
And I’m farsighted; need reading glasses and…when i put the wax guard on I try to see if it’s in fully, and not protruding out. Yet about a 1/3 of the time next time when I take the dome off and check the old wax guard is crooked. Is it blocking sound? I always hear better when I change the wax guards…

The anchors make it extremely hard to put the wax guard on too.

Am I getting better at doing it? I guess so. But the stress is unbelievable. I bought a set of dental tools from Amzon. I hope they work better than sewing needles. I’ve used my swiss army knife when I didn’t have a needle handy. I only change them when I have to ask people repeatedly to repeat what they said. It’s like being hard of hearing…

In desparation I have NOT used the little tiny things. But I don’t have an audiologist now, so I better behave.


LOL! I only heard the CLICK cuz I had my backup pair of aids in while changing the wax guards on the 2nd pair. Y’know, sometimes “hearing” is “seeing” for me, and without that extra sense of perception, I wouldn’t have heard the click either.

P.S. It’s okay to CRY sometimes. Just let it out! :wink:

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Maybe I should change one waxguard at a time; leave the other one in my other ear. Maybe I could hear the Click that way.

The other issue that bugs me…I carry a pack of waxguards with me. Twice I’ve gone to change them and found I had used all 8 and there were no new waxguards there.

My new hearing aid practitioner told me that there would be changes. I hope they junk the design.

Really?! I should add a note to my 9/5/23 visit to the audi when someone from Phonak will be there to demo the Roger ON in. I’ll bring in a wax guard flying saucer and ask about that change in design.

Compared to changing wax guards on the Oticon, these Phonak saucers are a bad joke.

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