Wants help from selecting new haring aid. Phonak or Oticon?

Hi guys,

I am Chethana and new to this place. Recently came to this after watching few videos in YTB.
However long story short. i was using Phoncak Naida Q50 UP hearing aids for both my ears since 2014, and now its broken as i heard some issue with BRM. I am living in Sri lanka and the place i bought my aids now saying they couldn’t find parts for repair it. So i am searching new hearing aid models to buy.

Currently i am in stuck with below 2 products. I gave a trial with both products
Note: I am using Samsung S20 as mobile phone
I would like to know ur opinions as well

Phonak Audeo Lumity L90
Oticon Xceed 2

Phonak will work better with your Samsung S20. My concern would be that you’re coming from a BTE UP hearing aid and moving to a RIC with (likely) UP receiver. Can you get the Phonak Naida Lumity?
A lot would depend on your hearing loss. Do you feel you’re getting enough gain with the Phonaks?
I assume you’re using custom molds? Trying to fit a profound loss with domes would not be a good idea.


Sorry guys i forgot to upload my audiogram report

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HI Thanks for ur opinion MDB. As u suggest, during the trial i felt that Oticon can cover my loss more than Phonak. However i am going to give another trial with Phonak with more fine tuning. If Phonak not giving enough gain in comparison to Oticon, then i think i should go with Oticon ryt. Means i have to give up waterproof feature and phone call streaming feature correct?

Yes i used cistom molds

Try the Phonak Nadia UP aids and the Oticon Exceed aids. They are both equal in power. The Phonak is a newer aid with more bells and whistles but Oticon is due to get a new model UP aid out soon hopefully. I believe Signia makes a UP aid as well, might be worth checking out.

Looking at your audiogram the Phonak Nadia UP might be the best choice having the better frequency lowering technology. That’s if you really can hear in those upper frequencies.


Agreed Phonak Naida would be ideal. If the Phonak Audeo is your only Phonak option then the question is can you get enough gain and enough help from frequency lowering to make them work. Battery life is also potentially a problem with Audeo Lumity.
You are correct that with Xceed you would give up direct streaming possibilities with Android phones but using the ConnectClip accessory would give you that ability.


for your loss i would also suggest Phonak Naida Paradise UP , or newer Phonak Naida Lumity UP.

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@Chethana we have a resident forum member who has good experience with going from Naida to the Xceed with good results, @Zebras

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I think Xceed provide more natural sound than Naida.


Given that loss, given a history with the Naida, given an android phone I’d also veer towards the Phonak SP or UP BTE. But the Xceed is also a good hearing aid and I’d select the Xceed BTE over the Phonak Audeo. If you wanted the 13 battery versus the 675, I wouldn’t care too much about whether it was the Marvel versus the newer Paradise or Lumity, The Naida Marvel SP is a good device and you might save a bit of money with it. The Roger On might be worth investigating. I’m presuming a cochlear implant isn’t an option right now.

That all said, if you try the Phonak Audeo and you love it, it’s not outrageous for you to go with a RIC rather than a BTE if that’s your preference. I would expect you to notice a decline in the sound quality given your experience with BTEs, but if your ear fits a good custom tip for the Audeo it’s possible that you won’t notice too much difference given there’s probably not much chance of getting much sound around 1.5 kHz anyway. I’d expect the low frequency response to be better with the BTE. If you prefer the Xceed to the Audeo, it’s hard to know whether that is because of the manufacturer or just because of the style.

The audeo life isn’t REALLY waterproof.


Thanks for ur opinion will try Phonak Naida UP and compare the experience.

With Xceed2, i can hear voices coming from the people from my back as well. I will try another trial with Phonak and check that as well. Then i will select then. Thanks again for ur opinion