'Walkman' type hearing aid for dementia sufferer


I have been searching ( off and on for several years ) without success so far for what might be regarded as an old fashioned hearing aid device - namely one which would fit over the head onto the outside of the ears, and which would contain a microphone and battery within the ‘Walkman’ type headphones themselves.

Ie the device which I am imagining would be a single item which fitted over the hearing-loss patient’s head : it is important that it would not be connected by wire to a separate microphone.

This would be perfect for my aged [ 94 y/o ] mother who not only has profound hearing loss but also now for several years has dementia and simply cannot tolerate an in-ear device. [She has two prescribed but they are useless as she simply cannot understand the need to keep them in.]

I have searched high and low on the internet but can nowhere find what to me seems a product which would fill a huge unmet need.

Think it through - because they have dementia the sufferers cannot seek out such a device themselves - but there must be millions of people, world wide, who have both hearing loss and dementia and who would benefit enormously from such a simple device.

ALL hearing aid companies without any exception that I can discern STRESS the DISCREET nature of their invisible devices.
It is ALL about miniaturisation.

This feature is completely irrelevant to my mother and others like her - she just needs a fully functioning hearing aid device which would fit over her head in one piece and because very comfortable would not be noticed whilst in use and therefore would not be torn off her head, as the hearing aid is from her ear !

The isolation which the hearing loss engenders is hugely compounded by the dementia and the two conditions in fact feed on one another to create even more misery all round.

PLEASE CAN ANYONE POINT ME towards a manufacturer of such a device ?
Do any hearing aid firms patrol this website Forum for ideas as to how to improve life for hearing loss sufferers ? I believe this is one of those extremely simple ideas which for some reason has not come to the attention of manufacturers.

Kind regards and all constructive suggestions welcomed.

This is what comes to my mind when you mention old fashioned, but I’m not sure if this what you have in mind. My sympathies for what you’re family is going through. We had people in my family struggling with dementia and it was a challenge caring for them and dealing with the nursing home.


Thank you for the suggestion - however the device has a cord connection - this would simply not work for my mother, and possibly anyone with dementia : she will simply not be aware that the device is there to assist her hearing. So she will pull it off.

The only thing I imagine which would definitely work is as I described - basically over the ear headphones [ ‘Walkman’ or similarly lightweight ‘cans’ -but fitting comfortably on a cushion OVER, not IN the ears ] which incorporate a microphone and amplifier in the bit of metal or plastic connecting the two headphones and sitting comfortably on the top of the head.