VA Hearing Aid Process

Long story short: I spoke to some recently and discovered he had worked for a VA clinic near me and naturally the subject of military service came up. He asked if I received any VA service, and I told him I did not and didn’t think I qualified. He assured me I did.

So I went to the clinic, applied for service disability hearing loss. I was asked to schedule a hearing test just over a month later. I had the test, and I was told to expect a 6-8 week wait for any further action.

Then in just over two weeks I received a letter stating the VA accepted responsibility due to my MOS for 50% of my hearing loss in each ear and 10% of my tinnitus and the VA is going to pay me a monthly stipend. I was, and still am, shocked since it took so little time to process the data and since it’s been so long since I got out of the Army in ’74.

So, my questions.

Who has been through this? Was what has happened to me the standard process, and should I expect further action? Has it been your experience you received a letter from the VA accepting responsibility issued a check and were issued hearing aids later?

Is the next step scheduling an appointment for hearing aids?

Does the VA admitting that 50% of my loss in each ear is due to my service even qualify me for hearing aids from the VA. Is anyone here with VA hearing aids and a 50% service distality loss?

I realize no one here can answer for the VA. I’m wondering if any you that have been through the VA for service disability aids if your experience with the process was - VA acceptance, check issued and then later issued aids.

I am 20% hearing disabled and my hearing loss is due to flying the world aboard a c141 cargo jet without hearing protection. I have been getting my aids from the VA for over 18 years, and most of that time of getting my aids I was classified as hearing disabled but received no disability. It took me almost 2 years to be approved for aids even with my military medical records saying my hearing loss was military related. At this time I have reopened my claim and waiting for the VA to respond to my request. My loss is severe and my word recognition in my right ear is about 50% which is board line CI territory. I don’t think that 10% for hearing loss plus 10% for tinnitus is correct when I struggle to understand speech and my tinnitus is getting worse that it ever was even in my better ear.
I don’t have a clue what 50% responsibility means, that you were told, I was told I had a hearing loss, and the VA was giving me a disability rating. Also, should say I have had tinnitus since before getting out of the Navy. My tinnitus is 24/7/365 since Thanksgiving 1975. For the longest time it was just white noise but over the last year it is changing and even wakes me up some nights with what sounds like sirens. I live out in the country and there isn’t any sirens any where near this area.

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I EAS’ed from the Marine Corps in 1969 with a documented hearing loss and tinnitus due to explosions. I wore aids for over 30 years and finally got around to applying for VA health coverage in September of 2018, received 20% disability in October 2018 and got my first pair of VA aids (Oticon OPN1) in October 2018. Received my second set of VA aids (Oticon More1) in October 2022. You can expect good treatment from the VA.


You should receive the payments electronically, directly into an account.

Beyond that, the next step is up to you. You need to apply for VA health (which will be automatically approved for those with service connected disabilities, but you still need to apply.) there is a form to fill out for this, but I forget the number. Then you need to register with your local VA center. With all that, you can ask for an appointment in audiology. Call your local VA Health location. They were quite helpful to me.

It seems more complicated than it needs to be. Why not collect everything they need for this when you do the comp&pen. If a claim is approved, the rest should be asking for that appointment. Ah, well.

Thanks for your service.



At the time that I went into to VA, I was unemployed and needed help with my blood pressure medication, I went to the VA clinic close to me with my records and head in my hands. A doctor saw me within an hour and I had my needed medication in hand. Two days later I was back for a complete physical examination and the doctor noticed my hearing loss, and even pointed it out to me that he had read my medical records that said I had some hearing loss. I was sent up to audiology for a hearing exam and even saw an ENT. Then I was sent down to the State Veteran’s Affairs agent and we did a bunch more paperwork. I had my VA ID that first day, but it took almost 18 months before I got my hearing aids. I had purchased a set of aids myself before getting my hearing aids from the VA, and somehow the State Veteran’s Affairs agent got me reimbursed for the aids I purchased.
I do volunteer work at the local VA and know for most the process is much easier now than in 2004 when I got in. My doctor that treats me for my blood pressure has added notes to my open claim with the VA that he can document that my blood pressure is mostly due to stress from not hearing as well as I should and that my tinnitus is adding to my blood pressure issues. Not sure if anything will change with my claim, I am mostly happy with getting my aids without costing me anything. This time around when I saw the person that verified my hearing loss, I guess a second opinion I was given a 2 page form to fill out and I had to admit that my hearing loss is causing me to be depressed at times as well as my tinnitus is worsening and depressing me. The last time I opened the claim they said no additional disability within a month it has been 3 months now and the claim is still in collecting information. I have also noticed there is a second claim open for blood pressure issues. With a not from my VA doctor that says my military medical records shows blood pressure issue back to 1972 when I extended my service time to go to B School.

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I was in a mortar squad in an Airborne\Infantry unit. The tips of our index fingers were our hearing protection.

I think 50% responsibility means the VA admits I have a hearing loss and they are 50% responsible for my loss. They state I have a service connection that has been linked to acoustic trauma.

My left ear speech discrimination is 48 and the right ear is 62.


You will still need to apply for VA healthcare by filling out an Enrollment Application for Health Benefits (VA Form 10-10EZ) even though you are receiving a disability payment.

You can do it online as I did, or get a copy of your DD214 and the required doc’s specified on Form 10-10EZ and go to your local VA center. Better yet - find a Veterans Service Officer “VSO” by searching state and county veterans websites for assistance applying for VA Healthcare.

When you fill out the Form 10-10EZ there is a section which asks if you want to make an appointment with the VA Healthcare system…say yes and they will contact you fairly soon thereafter.

When I sent in my 10-10EZ with a copy of my DD214 the VA returned my DD214 copy in one week and called me to make an appointment.

Good Luck and Thank Your for your service!



Your left ear is within the CI range, and my loss was thousands of miles in the cargo bay of a c141 with no protection and none even offered. I am sure your experience was worse. I had flights in that c141 that lasted 36 hours at times. And other times was only a few hours. I also, had flight line duty at times taking care of transmitters and receivers without any protection. And I personally believe my blood pressure issues was because of the salt tablets they forced use to take multiple times per day.

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That’s good to know, that I can expect good service. I have received great service since I started this process and I have been impressed with the speed and responsiveness from the VA so far.

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I called when I received the first check and the day prior to my call was the cutoff for changes to checks, so my December check will be a live check, but all future payments will be direct deposit.

Thanks for the VA health info. Monday I’ll call the person that person that helped me get started and start that process.


My original experience with all the forms were hard copy hand written, But with the State Veteran’s Affairs agents help it was much smoother.
Yes when I reopened my claim this time I did it online and it only took a few minutes. My mom started me doing a journal when I was about 6 years old and I have kept one ever since. I have even digitized my old ones, and gave the VA claims a summary of when my hearing loss and tinnitus was first noticed and what my feelings and emotions have been through the years. Will it do any good, more than likely not but it felt great coming out of the closet with my depression over my hearing loss that I haven’t ever said anything about, not even to my wife and kids.
I look back over my life and shake my head at the number of times I have lashed out at family and friends because of my lack of understanding what was really said.

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I spoke to a VSO when I first started this and she was very helpful. I will call her Monday and get her help again. Thanks for the form number info

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36 hours is a long time to spend in any plane, much less a noisy military plane.

I took off in three C141s, was in the air for less that an hour max and didn’t land in any.


I was a part of a special team that set up secure communication for the President and the Secure Security. The Air Force provided the C141s and we went ahead of the President to set up the security and communications. It was fun and interesting and my experience pains off in spades after I left the service. But it also forced me into retirement before I really wanted to.


I served in the Navy 52-56. when I was discharged and started college I went to the VA to inquire about some teeth that had been bothering me before I got out. They informed me that I was eligible to get treatment, and the treatment was to pull out all my upper teeth and told me to come back in two months to get the new plate. this wasn’t a great start for my freshman year. Fast forward to when I was able to retire at age 60. I started volunteering at the VA at the request of a friend who asked me if I was enrolled at the VA. I told him of my tooth experience and said I had never gone back until I started volunteering to which he replied get your butt down to the business office and enroll . It took two years to get in because my income was over the threshold. I had been wearing a hearing aid for about 30 years at this time which had always been self-bought. I found out that I was eligible for free aids. It was suggested that I should apply for a disability. I did and much to my suppose I was awarded an 80% rate, and they even back-dated the award to a year before I applied. I went from a 8 rating to a 1 rating which gives me free care for everything.


I also get hearing aids through the VA. 40+ years. 60% for hearing loss, 100% overall rating. Several people have mentioned your local Veterans Service Officer (VSO), Find him. Most counties in the U.S. have one. He will be fairly easy to find. Go see him/her at the earliest possible time. This person will be able to help you get into the VA health care system. He/she will also know after interviewing you whether you have any other benefits coming to you.
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Glad you’re getting help. If they gave you 50% that’s pretty high you hearing must be really bad. Mine is 0% Bilateral Hearing Loss and 10% Tinnitus. Mine service connected I was in Infantry.
The VA has been really good to me. I’m on my second set of hearing aids and they give me all the stuff that goes with them.
I also had cataract surgery over a year ago they let me to to a outside VA Dr. And I’m seeing a outside Heart Dr.

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The process of filing a disability claim has speeded up quite a bit over the last few years. Now that you have been approved and have a rating I would suggest you get a complete copy of your file from the VA. Your VSO can help with this. When I first filed I was denied because the VA said I made too much money! I had been out of the military for 40 years so I didn’t have a clue what I was truly eligible for. After getting my records and reapplying (many different times) I was eventually awarded a 20% rating for hearing, 10% for tinnitus (the max allowable), 100% for Menieres and 100% for heart disease! It was a very long process but well worth the effort.


For those receiving Social Security before being declared disabled by the VA, did your Social Security check decrease once VA benefits began?

Thanks femmefire13 for asking this question.
I sure hope someone can answer this as it would define whether or not I go forward with the VA.