VA hearing aid eligibility



That sounds like the place that’s filling your prescription is ripping you off.

When I get a new prescription from the VA, I walk it down to a little office in the same hospital (what I earlier called the “eyeglass clinic”). This office, although in the hospital, is a private company - not VA. They will fill the prescription the VA wrote free of charge. The VA has set limits on what they will pay. This place is (I suppose ) under contract for just that purpose.

None of this has anything to do with hearing aids. The VA Audiology clinic will handle everything. There is no need to deal with an outside company.


That was the VA clinic in south Austin, Texas back about 3 years ago. I haven’t tried the eye clinic here in Hot Springs, Arkansas yet.


Me too, yes glasses are free! Unless you choose pay-extra designer frames or unless you choose pay-extra Transitions Lenses.


Maybe it has to do with the level of disability I am only receiving 20%. And my service disability is only for my hearing loss. Other than that then for some reason we are all not equal for some reason.


I don’t think your 20% level is limiting. I have 10% and get free glasses.

Back to free hearing aids/HAs; Hmmmmm; Maybe the VA figured out that providing free hearing aids to anyone enrolled in VA Healthcare was cheaper because fewer veterans would would go about claiming a service related disability therefore resulting in free hearing aids plus compensation.

I think that if the OP’s hearing loss is related to hanging around with all those pencil barrel AR-15s then he should claim a service related disability to get free HAs plus compensation.


Here’s the other video about VHA/hearing aids without compensation;


My loss is due to working around and flying in cargo jet. And back then we didn’t have that much hearing protection. And when flying in the cargo bay we had no protection.


Yes, and therefore you deserve free HAs plus compensation.


I agree with @PVC. I also am only receiving 10% and that has nothing whatsoever to do with hearing or vision. Even my 0% ratings are not for those things. I believe my hearing loss is service connected, but since it was never documented, it never happened as far as the VA is concerned. I’ve never pursued it because I don’t believe it would gain me much, if anthing.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am retired military as my avatar suggests. All that did was make it easier to get into the VA healthcare system. Once you’re in, it’s the same for everyone as far as HAs and eyeglasses are concerned.


Well I guess I am going to have to dig in some more and maybe even push some. Seeing my hearing loss is now severe by my Audi’s definition my disability rating is under review. The last time they only did a hearing test this time I got a full blown physical with X-rays and scans. I have also been asked about my joint issues and blood pressure. Which are in my Navy medical records. So who knows what will happen this time I an in a different state and of course a different VA Region.


This is the VHA directive that covers hearing aids, eyeglasses, and contact lenses: VHA DIRECTIVE 1034(1) - PRESCRIBING AND PROVIDING EYEGLASSES, CONTACT LENSES,AND HEARING AIDS

Right off the bat it says:


a. Title 38 United States Code (U.S.C.) 1707(b) provides that VHA may furnish sensorineural aids only in accordance with guidelines that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) prescribes. Subsequently, the VA promulgated regulations establishing such guidelines at Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 17.149.

b. All Veterans eligible for care and services under 38 CFR 17.38 are eligible for diagnostic and preventive audiology care, and diagnostic and preventive eye care services. These diagnostic and preventive services are separate from VA’s provision of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids. Veterans shall not be denied access to audiology and eye care services covered under 38 CFR 17.38 because they do not meet the eligibility criteria for eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids.

c. Veterans in all enrollment Priority Groups may be eligible to receive sensorineural aids (eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids) as authorized under 38 CFR 17.149 provided they are otherwise receiving VA care or services.


I am not retired, but did spend 8 years active duty. I have been in the system since 2004 so I am sure things have changed over the years, and I can only go by my experience.


Understood. I’m just trying to help.


But I will be doing a lot of asking questions when I go to the Clinic next.


The directive I linked to above also says:

To mitigate the impact of hearing impairment on quality of life and participation, the following degree of impairment is considered disabling and establishes the basis for consideration of hearing aid candidacy, subject to evaluation by an audiologist: hearing thresholds 40 decibels (dB) HL or greater at 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 hertz (Hz); or hearing thresholds 26 dB HL or greater at three of these frequencies; or speech recognition less than 94 percent (38 CFR §3.385). This degree of impairment is disabling is considered justification for hearing aids

Going by your posted audiogram, you qualify in spades.


My hearing lose is about 80 db, and my word recognition is about 40% without my aids. And I have improved my word recognition by reading and listening to the book at the same time. But that is with aids. And They have to have the speech level set to 90db for me to here the words, with the norm being at about 70 db. I am receiving 20% for my hearing now. My Audi believes I should get more. I am just happy having the VA provide my aids. I could not afford them any other way now.


I hear you, brother. I’m in that same boat.


This may not be of any value but a couple of years ago my BIL who is a retired Marine Lt Col inquired about getting HA’s through the VA. His hearing was impaired from flying and being around jets. The VA agreed he had a loss but said he did not qualify because he makes too much money.


Hahaha, he makes too much money? Betcha they didn’t care how much money he made when he enlisted. :wink:

Does he have VA Healthcare? Just make an Audiology appointment. I think it may be that simple for him to get new hearing aids.

Obtaining declaration for a service connected disability is a separate procedure and it seems to be not a requirement for getting hearing aids.


Yes that was told to me at first, then I lost my job and went back almost begging for help. When they did a full physical they also found my hearing loss. And as they say the rest is history. But it still took 18 months to get a proved for my service related hearing loss