Using ReSound Smart 3D App with Apple Watch

I have ReSound Preza aids, iPhone XR and Apple Watch 5. If I have the ReSound 3d app open on the iphone, the app works fine on either the phone or the watch, as long as the watch is within Bluetooth range. But, if I close the app on the phone, the app on the watch doesn’t work. Also, if I re-open the app on the phone it doesn’t connect. I have to put the app into Demo mode and take it out of Demo mode to reconnect. Anybody had that experience? Solution? Thanks.

That is just the way the apps for hearing devices work. The watch app has to talk to the app on the phone to work. The app is working the way is has to work.

Thanks for the reply. I’m still wondering why, independent of the watch, when I close the app on the iPhone and re-open the app, it’s lost the connection. I have to turn bluetooth off and on, or put the app in Demo mode and back out to re-establish the connection. Shouldn’t re-opening the app re-establish the connection automatically?

I have the Iphone 7+ and watch series 5 and it seems that the new iOS 13 has some issues still, it seems that the bluetooth at times will just go to sleep, that is the MFI part of Bluetooth. my watch hearing aid app will just stop functioning at times and I have to disable the bluetooth on the Iphone and it will start to work again sometimes, other times I have to restart the iphone and or the watch. And by the way the hearing aid app on the iphone will still be open and talking to the hearing aids by the iphone will not stream to the hearing aids when this happens. But when this is happening the watch hearing aid app will show connected but nothing will function or change for the watch. It is irritating to say the least.

Ok. Thanks for the info. I thought I had some setting wrong. I agree…it’s irritating!

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I have iPhone 8 and Apple Watch 4. My combo works exactly as you described!
I thank you for your post because I never realized that I could regain the iPhone to Preza connection by turning Demo Mode ON and immediately turning it back OFF!!! Amazing what we learn by sharing our experiences with others.

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