Using optical cable between oticon adapter 2.0 and TV

I have connected my toslink optical cable from my Oticon TV adapter 2.0 to my Hisense smart TV,( Model 40H5050E). there are also two cables connected from my adapter to my cable box (red/white).
I get sound through my hearing aide for the regular cable TV channels but when I switch to one of
the apps (netflix, amazon etc.) the sound from the previously selected cable channel remains playing through the hearing aides instead of switching to sound from apps.

Check your TV’s setting to see if there is a setting to control this.

Thanks so much for your input but I have tried so many setting changes (none that specifically allows a change to optical link) and nothing seems to work. I have been working on this for days. I have also tested to make sure toslink is working -it is. Thanks again.

You are getting sound in from two different sources? It is not going to work unless you power off the source not currently being used. The Oticon Transmitter may have a priority for one of the ports, or maybe the first one with signal gets and keeps priority.

They have a chat option at bottom of page. Ask them.

Have you tried physically removing the RCA cables from the oticon adapter? It may be that the unit will only accept one input at a time and the RCA cables get priority even when the cable box is turned off. Is there a reason you’re running the audio from the cable box into the TV adapter and not into the tv?

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Yes, I have removed the RCA cables but then I do not even get the cable tv stations thru the hearing aid with the optical alone connected to the tv. I also tried to connect the RCA cables from the adapter to the tv but again, no sound of any kind to hearing aids. The cable box itself is connected to HDMI 2 on TV.

I have another identical opticon adapter in another room . That TV is connected to cable box via HDMI 1. However everything else is the same. the RCA cables run from adapter to cable box but it wasn’t until I connected toslink cable from adapter to TV as well that we were able to get sound for apps (netflix, amazon etc ) thru an apple box to the hearing aid as well.

Two things are different between the two set-ups

Room 1 (the room where the cable stations can be heard thru hearing aids but the apps cannot be heard ) has a smart tv with apps included with TV ) also for some reason when cable person hooked tv up he connected it to HDMI 2

Room 2 Both cable stations and the apps can be heard thru the hearing aids via hearing aid adapter. Again, the RCA cables are connected from Adapter to Cable box and the toslink cable

is attached to TV. However, it is not a "smart tv and the apps are run thru an Apple box. Further the cable company has connected the cable box to HDMI 1 .

I am starting to wonder if there is a difference between the HDMI?

Thank you for your advice. I know what you say makes sense but unless I have both RCA connected to cable box and toslink to TV I do no even get the regular cable channels thru the hearing aids. I have an additional tv set up in another room. different TV brand. oticon hearing adapter works fine for both cable tv and apps. However on the one that works is not a smart tv and apps work thru apple. However same cable set up RCA cables from adapter to cable box and toslink from adapter from adapter to TV. Go figure. I wish I had not
purchased a “smart” TV. Who said life is easy?!

Try setting each input to audio out to TV speakers in your TV settings - HDMI 1, HDMI 2,etc
You have to change inputs when you want to switch from watching cable TV to App. (Netflix). At least that’s the way it works on my TVs.
I have been disappointed in the Smart functions built into the TVs.
I know how frustrating this is!
I gave up on the Smart functions and use Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick. They switch to the correct input as soon as I touch their remotes.
On the Smart TV, I have to manually change to the input on the TV remote.
I also had a TV adapter 2.0 before upgrading to the OPN.

When you say toslink is working, you mean that while leaving it connected to the tv, you’ve plugged the other end into an amplifier or other device and you’re getting sound? So you’re certain that sound is reaching the adapter via toslink? If so, you’ve eliminated the tv and its settings as the source of the problem.

the toslink end is red when the tv is on . I do not own another device that has an optical cable to ck it out. I have even gone as far as to purchase my third toslink because I feel they are delicate from my continuous trying to make them work.

I just called Hisense TV for the first time and they now tell me that none of the “smart” apps netflix, amazon, you tube, etc support an external device such as the Oticon 2.0 In fact accordiankng to them, I cannot even purchase a roku or apple box for this tv because they will not work on their smart TV. So if you need a hearing device better to avoid this TV. It is a shame because both the picture and the sound is excellent.
Tank you again for everything.

What is the point of the other HDMI inputs if they are somehow ‘blocked’ not allowing another streaming box (Apple TV, Roku, Firestick)? And the Optical Cable if external devices won’t work? That does not make sense to me. If all else fails, plug your Streamer Pro directly into the headphone jack - audio out. It will mute the TV speakers, but you will be able to stream the sound from both the Cable box and the Smart Apps. Long cables are available, as are splitters, so you can plug in a personal speaker like a Beats for others to hear and you will have independent volume control. You are tethered to the TV, but you will hear through your hearing aids. I used this method for years.
I would still try your existing Apple TV to see if it works. Again make sure to output the audio to TV speakers on the HDMI input you connect the Apple TV to.
I doubt if the person you spoke to had any clue what a Oticon TV adapter is. I wouldn’t give up yet.

Dont know about the op’s but my tv doesn’t have a headphone jack. That’s why it’s really hard to troubleshoot this stuff remotely. I use an optical to rca/headphone DAC as my headphone jack. Which would be a good way for the op to troubleshoot the optical. They’re pretty cheap on ebay.

I think a working hypothesis is that there’s no sound being sent down the optical cable. You can swap your cables (using the one from the known working setup) to test the cable. If it’s not the cable, it’s probably a setting on the tv. Here’s one thing that may or may not apply. There’s usually one hdmi jack that has an ‘audio return channel’ or ARC. This is used to send digital audio back down the hdmi cable into an amplifier or other audio device. It takes the place of an optical cable basically. On my tv (and maybe yours?) you can use arc or optical but not both at the same time. Check your settings for arc or hdmi audio and try turning it off. If that doesn’t work maybe swap the cable box to another hdmi jack and see if that makes any difference.

I looked up the specs to the TV model the OP provided before recommending testing the audio out using the Headphone jack. The Streamer Pro comes with the appropriate cable, if I recall correctly, enabling direct streaming to devices that have headphone jacks. The TV Adapter 2.0 is wireless, so getting that to work is the best solution.
I still think the solution lies in the TV settings for each HDMI input set to TV speakers since there is no sound system being used.