Using loss/exchange provision to change battery type

I did just that when ReSound released a belated 312 version of the Quattro, which was originally 13 and rechargeable only (I had 13). Maybe Phonak can be convinced to allow the same when they release the belated 312 Lumity RIC. The loss/damage fee probably covers their expenses, so it wouldn’t cost them anything. In my case the exchange used up my one-time allowance. Maybe Phonak would even be willing to waive that, since rechargeable runtime hasn’t lived up to expectations.

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Doesn’t hurt to ask. I could see them doing this here and there.

While the rechargeable run time hasn’t lived up to your expectations, I’m not sure it hasn’t lived up to theirs? Perhaps your provider didn’t quite set expectations, but my patients have generally been getting what Phonak suggested that they would be getting.