Using a Roger X with the Phonak ComPilot?

I’ve got new hearing aids, the Phonak Sky B90 Ms which can’t have Roger receivers attached to them.

I love the less weight on my ears so I’m happy with my hearing aids.

I’m thinking about getting a Roger X to use with the ComPilot but am worried it’ll fall off and I’d loose it as it’s so small.

Does anyone else use a Roger X with a ComPilot and does it stay attached?

Also does it sound okay?

EDIT - I’ve physically never seen a Roger X in real life.

It snaps into the Compilot, it’s secure.


Thank you! :slight_smile: That’s good to know. :slight_smile:

I’ve had no problems with X receiver and Compilot 2, which is what you would need with the B. The X Receiver has not budged.

Used Roger Pen 1.1 off EBay is amazing.


I use my Roger X on a ComPilot 2 together with an Audeo B90. The Roger X is very tight attached. It can’t fall off.

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@Don How many Bluetooth devices will the ComPilot link too?

I want to get a Bluetooth FM portable radio but also have the ComPilot linked to my mobile/cell at the same time.

Found the answer, thanks Don.

The signal through the compilot isn’t quite as good as the signal through the boots, if that is what you are used to. Plus, there’s no option to have both mics-on and mics-off program, you have to pick one or the other as there is only a single roger program available when done through the coompilot.

But yeah, as others have said, the connection with the Roger X is tight. I’ve never experienced one coming off.


I can attenuate the mics by 30 dB on the ComPilot Roger program, I think?

I hadn’t realised the sound isn’t quite the same. I’ve been used to integrated receivers.

Yeah, but because there is only one program you have to pick whether to attenuate the mics or not. That might be fine if you are used to always using roger devices with attenuated mics, but if might be annoying if you like having two programs so you can make the choice about whether to attenuate the mics or not given the situation.

It’s not a HUGE difference in the sound, but it’s a difference. It may or may not be meaningful to you. The signal is also a little bit more subject to interference via the compilot.


I have owned both, shoes and the X. The thing I liked about the X on the Compilot2 was a steady stream of sound to both ears. With the boots on the aids I would lose sound to one or the other ear pending on my head location to the Roger transmitter.

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I would like to change the direction of these posts. I have Costco Phonak Brio R 312 HAs which I have had for 4 years. I would like to use an inherited Roger Pen 1.1. I have a Compilot. According to Phonak I should be able to attach a Roger X to the Compilot and use the Roger Pen. I hope to purchase a used Roger X on Ebay. According to what I read on the Phonak web site there is a problem with an “empty Roger X”, meaning that necessary serial number information has been removed for installing the Roger Pen on Phonak Marvel HAs. If the used Roger X is “empty” does that mean it cannot be used with a Compilot for older Phonak HAs? And without purchasing and trying the Roger X is there any way to discover whether it is empty?

Thick head. :grinning:


If it’s the silver colour rather than the champagne colour it won’t be empty. There’s a serial number cut-off too, but off the top of my head I don’t know what it is. E.g. all serial numbers in advance of 14XXXXXXX would be fine.

Of course, there’s also the chance that if you buy a Roger X off of ebay it will just be broken.

Check the other Roger threads - answer there

The empty ones if sold on eBay will be after 1744 serial number.

@nelhop eBay offer your money back if there’s an issue with the Roger receiver.

I’ve bought all my Roger equipment off eBay and I’ve never had any issues.

I have the mics on but I can mute the mics with a long press of volume - on the Compilot 2.

Compilot 2 can connect to two phones and one other streaming device at one time.

If using Roger Pen it (the Roger Pen) can connect to two devices at one time.

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