User Adjustments

I’m about 3 months into my Nucleus 7 and was wondering if there are any user adjustments. With my old Resound hearing aids, I could adjust different programs along with bass, mid tones and treble. The reason I ask is I have noticed when using the scan setting, the device will lower the sounds in noisy environments. Normally this would be fine but it also lowers speech to a point that I can no longer hear it. To combat this with my hearing aids I would lower the bass levels which would lower the background noise but allow me to hear what was being said.

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@Deaf_piper has the N7, maybe she can help?

@eniveparg have you got forward focus activated yet? Forward focus is meant to cut out background noise when activated. Do you use it in noisy environments? It may help… Some people find it helpful I don’t.
Is your sensitivity activated? Try lowering or raising this, this could help.
Both these are in the Nucleus Smart app.
How many scan apps do you have? I have 3 Soft, medium & Loud. So I can choose a volume I want by choosing a scan app then raising or lowering the volume.

But it sounds like your scan app is set in auto mine is set on manual. But when this happens try increasing your sensitivity app. That’s if it’s been activated by your Aud.

All I have is one scan program and full on program. I cannot make any adjustments to these. I believe the scan program is to aggressive since the sound of a lawn mower was about as quiet as a whisper. Unfortunately, if someone was to talk to me at that time I wouldn’t hear them.
Oddly enough, I could hear better when they first activated the implant than I do now. I believed my audiologist is slowly acclimating me to the implant. Hopefully with my next visit she can allow me to control it more.
The other thing I am noticing is being able to understand someone is depending on how close to me they are. If I am about 3 meters or more from them it sounds like Charlie Browns teacher.

I’ve taken some screen shots so you can see what’s available to you. You can have up to 4 scans. You will notice Forward Focus on the main screen as well. Ask for extra scans all at differing volume levels.

Sensitivity you will find under volume. Touch Volume and that and it will open up to sensitivity.

You should have telecoil as well.

I got all these around the 8 week mark. You need to be hooked up to the computer to be activated. So ask your Aud to do it for you.

Have you tried to use Live Listen as yet? That triple click your home button and this screen will come up. Tap the words live listen to activate it. IOS don’t know about Android sorry. I find this helpful in noisy places. I put my put my phone on the table in restaurants and conversation streams directly to my ears. Only done it to a table of 6 so far.

I hope some of these extra things will help you adjust the Nucleas Smart app when they have all been activated for you.


Thank you for the screen shots. All I have is 1 scan program. There are no adjustments for me. When I see the audiologist in 2 weeks, hopefully she will give me the ability to make adjustments as you pointed out. My thing is give me everything and I can adjust it to how I best hear.

I haven’t tried the live listen as yet. I will give that a try.

Thank you for your help

@eniveparg you are welcome. I hope your Aud gives you more scans to play with as well as all the other extras that you don’t have as yet… Good Luck at your next mapping…

@eniveparg how are you going with your CI now? Did your Aud give you any of the extras things you can get? Did they help you at all?

How do you like your CIs compared to your old HAs? How are they different?

I had some more adjustments last week. The audiologist gave me the ability to adjust microphone sensitivity, bass and treble.
She also told me that the scan program is either in or off. So there is no adjustment with that. She did create a couple different programs. One has noise canceling turned off and another where the microphones key in in sound from different directions.
I haven’t much chance to play with it much but I am glad I have the ability to make some adjustments

My CI are leaps and bounds better than my old HA. I am now hearing crickets, which I couldn’t when I wore HA. Honestly I don’t remember the last time I heard a cricket, even before the HA. This has been the best decision I have made. The only downside I I have no natural hearing left.


Is it the device dependency that gives you some pause about the natural hearing? Or something else?

From what my surgeon told me is the electrode that is implanted in the cochlear kills off the hair cells and the farther they implant the electrode the more cells it kills. He also told me that most patients that try to keep natural hearing come back in a couple of years to have the procedure redone.

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Your post was very helpful to me. I don’t have access to any of these settings aside from the very basic! I tried going in to my audiologist to get ForwardFocus turned on, and he told me it should already be turned on and that it was part of the Scan mode. I also went in to upgrade my firmware to have direct audio streaming without the phone clip on compatible Android phones. I don’t know, but I haven’t had great experiences with this audiologist or his demeanor. I am uncomfortable with him and am probably going to ask if they have a second person to work with. I have a question to ask but will probably start a new post for it. Tha ka again, this forum is very helpful.

@klown07 welcome to the forum. We have a small group of CI users on the forum, most of us have been implanted with in the last year. So we are all helping one another.
If you have a N7 and use the Nucleus Smart app (I cant help with Android) does the forward focus icon show up as green? If it doesn’t your Aud hasn’t activated that function. I have done a screen shot for you with FF turned on. Same with telecoil. Microphone Sensitivity needs to be activated by your Aud as well. Good luck on your hearing journey.

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No, I do not have the forward focus option show up at all. I have been a CI recipient since I believe 2010. I started out with the Nucleus 5 then so many years later discovered I could upgrade to the N7 for free under warranty. I was out of warranty but insurance covered it. I do want to set up an appointment now and have these various settings enabled. The cochlear surgery has been a life changer. I was very secluded and very much a hermit due to my hearing loss. Now I have more confidence and can hear great, though I find I still misunderstand or don’t catch some things. Some people at times think I am a jerk and ignore or don’t respond to them on purpose heh. :man_shrugging: I do very much enjoy the Bluetooth streaming and all this technology. I can even use headphones over the mic on my processor and it’s bliss.

Eniveparg that’s very true what your surgeon said. Especially if whoever has a short array. They usually return within approx 4 years to be re-implanted. Those who have the hybrid array are trying to save their residual. I have a 522 which is a long array and my residual has been preserved for the time being. But I’ve been told by my specialist that my residual can decline at any stage. Which won’t effect my array at all as I’ve got a full size array. So won’t need re-implanting.
PS the hybrid has been removed by Cochlear Aus For this very reason.

I have been implanted a long time ago, in 2001, and the CP1000 is my third processor after the SPrint and the CP810. I got it only 8 days ago.

I have 4 programs configured in my CP1000 :

  • The first one is was I would call the « standard » program, that I use by default in everyday life.

  • The second program is optimised for noisy environments, that behaves like the automatic sensitivity adjustment mode of my first processor. I use it everyday at lunch time because restaurant in my company is really very noisy, because several hundred people are in the same large room. Even people with normal hearing found it really uncomfortable.
    I may use the scan program instead, but it reduces the sound level too low.
    The focus mode activated on the first program is also very confortable, more efficient than the focus program of the CP810, and maybe I will use it instead in the future.

  • The third program is optimised for music by my audiologist. Technically, it stimulates more channels that the first program, and provides a richer sound, and a better recognition of melodies, but I cannot use it in noisy environments.

  • The fourth program is a scan program. I almost never use for the time being, because I consider that it reduces the sound level too much.

In addition, the focus mode can be activated for any program, and I can also tune the volume and the sensitivity. When in large meeting rooms at work, I often increase the sensitivity.