Used Hearing Aids

Are there places (other than eBay and Craigslist) that sell used/refurb’d/pre-owned hearing aids?

I would never buy a used or refurbished hearing aid. There is some protection on ebay, but with craiglist you have no protection.

Saving a few thousand dollars is always desirable, but the risks you take buying on ebay/craigslist means you might be wasting thousands of dollars. Buying hearing aids should be done with an audiologist of some experience and reputation. You wouldn’t buy glasses for seeing online, why would you buy hearing aids?

That would be why I asked if there were resources OTHER than eBay and Craigslist. :slight_smile:

And, yes, I bought my eyeglasses online. :wink:

I suppose, if you look up hearing aids for sale online, you may come across a site. I remember when I first started seriously looking for aids, I went on the internet just to see what kind of pricing I would be paying.

Fortunately, someone else was kind to buy them for me as a gift as they saw the results of my hearing, or should I say LACK OF HEARING.:confused:

You are very lucky. All I got for Christmas was a Kindle. :slight_smile: I won’t be fitted for mine for another 3 months. I have to wait on the results of a CT scan and genetic test. They also want to test again to see how rapidly (or not) that my hearing is deteriorating. They’re going to fit me with Oticon Agils, unless something changes. $4500 is a huge chunk of change for me and they don’t offer any type of financing. I figured if Apple sold refurb’ed ipods, then maybe the manufacturers had something similar or perhaps someone knew of a store that specialized in repaired hearing aids. I’m okay with paying my audiologist to program them for me and he’s willing, since he knows he can’t finance them and there is the possibility that I couldn’t afford them otherwise.