Upgrading Connexx 6.5.5

I have Connexx 6.5.5 installed on Win 10 Pro and everything is running OK. I read a post by DocJake that Connexx upgrades will work if done properly. I would like to install 7.0 and then 7.4.3 as an upgrade, run in compatibility mode for win 7, however the install sticks on trying to find the dotnet framework folder, new signature 13. I have version .net4 installed, or even higher, as a full install of .net4 tells me so. I figure it might have something to do with the folder setup on win 10. Is there a way to overcome this by fiddling with an ini file?

Hi Ricked:

I am not sure of that. I also have 6.5.5 I am and using it in simulation mode at this time (I have not the minipro cables, etc, yet).

I also installed 7.4.3, but the database have not included my Siemens Pure 701.

In fact, when I go to visit my audi, she runs 6.5.5. Then it is strange for me that 7.4.3 and 6.5.5 be compatible, because even the database is installed in a different place.

By the way, I am using W7 with Virtual Box (a virtual machine) from a Mac. I am trying to use my Mac. I wanted to see if I can work from a Mac. I will test all this, when I received the material (MiniPro, cables, etc).