Update to Rexton Legato LI Model?



Any news of a more current Rexton Legato Li model sold by Costco? It’s been around since March of 2017.


Thank you. I’m very new and just starting to research hearing aids. I hope to buy one of the Costco models but would really like one with rechargeable hearing aids.

From what I can find, that will limit me to the Rexton Legado Li or the Bernafon Zerena with an added Z Power battery charger.

It looks like the Zerena came out in March 2018 but the Legado Li came out a year earlier, in March 2017.

So I’m concerned that the technical specs of the current Legato Li will be upgraded right after I buy the current model, which is more than a year old.


Well the KS8 looks to me like the upgrade. But it doesn’t have rechargeable batteries. Why do you need rechargeable 's? Dexterity?


Yes in part but also convenience. My husband doesn’t like to mess with things. He doesn’t like to have to charge his iPhone let alone having to change the tiny batteries.

I’m afraid if he has to change his batteries every few days he won’t wear them and they’ll sit in a drawer. Or he’ll return them because “they don’t work”.

I know it’ll be a challenge for him just to learn to use hearing aids.


I currently have the KS8s with size 13 non-rechargeable batteries. I previously had KS4s with rechargeables. I found that the rechargeable batteries didn’t make economic sense or practical sense. The charge never lasted as long as they said they would, and the battery replacement cost was horrific, so I ended up using standard size 13 batteries in the KS4s as well. The price of size 13 batteries at Costco is dirt cheap.


Do you know that he can get a free walkabout in the Costco store for free?


Yes, I have read that. And that’s good.

He has a Costco appointment next Saturday, which I’m looking forward to. I’ve done a lot of online reading that I’ve shared with him. It will be good to talk to someone who knows his hearing needs and see what his physical hearing aid options are.

I know the important thing is for him to get hearing aids that meet his hearing needs. I just want to help him give them a fair trial.

Thanks for all of your comments and information.


I don’t think that battery changes or recharging will be the deciding factor in whether your husband successfully adapts to hearing aids. There’s a lot for him to get used to, even if he’s lucky enough to walk out with properly fitted aids on the first try. One way to be supportive is to give honest feedback on whether he’s asking you to repeat words less or more often than before. If you want, you could also make sure there are fresh batteries in the aids every few days (a day or two less than expected battery life). There’s also cleaning and ear wax management, which could be a daily task depending on his ears.

I get the impression from your posts that he’s not so much unable as unwilling. Ultimately he has to make the effort, and eventually decide for himself that aids are making a positive difference in his life. At that point, maintenance of his aids should IMO be his job, not yours.


You’re right. Good idea about my starting the batteries and cleaning until he’s used to the whoe setup. I just have to wait to see how everything works for both of us.