Unitron Passport Moxi 3G

I’ve been trying out several different brands of hearings aids: Phonax, Oticon and now Unitron. I’m a classical music trained music teacher. I enjoy and attend symphony, ballet and opera performances and I have yet to find a suitable hearing aid that does the job for me :(. Of course, I need to converse too and between the 2 basic requirements I have not been very happy with either the Phonax or Oticon :(. Can I have some feedback (no pun intended) :wink: on the Unitron 3G? Thanks:),

250 Hz R30dB - L30dB
500 Hz R40dB - L42dB
1000Hz R50dB - L56dB
2000Hz R55dB - L55dB
3000Hz R65dB - L65dB
4000Hz R90dB - L90dB
6000Hz R96dB - L105dB

hi there are some hearing aids specilly made for music but not only for music its programme option to be activated , try for starkey RIC models X series 110 AP RIC .Try for traial once ask ur audi to set as per your reuirements, because some settings like group,music ,halls are different,it goes in to automatic mode depending upon the situation environment,price may be 5800$ per pair.3yrs warranty worldwide, a new series and advanced model, u can have remote also with it, just go for it once,and enjoy listening music
keep hearing


starkey RIC models X series 110 AP RIC .

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  2. Did your hearing professional recommend this model as being suitable for your hearing loss? If not, choosing that model is much like a self-diagnosis of a major medical problem. The results may not be what you expect.

  3. Prices vary from country to country and from one region to another within a country. The Internet is worldwide. Prices in the US generally include support services from the professional, which can vary as well.

Sorry for the vague answers, but the question is extremely vague. Many of us post our audiogram results to enable others to give more appropriate answers.

respected sir,
i wuld like to know price of starkey x series AP 70 . per pair in indian price.