Unitron Moxi 20

New to the hearing loss community I was hoping to get some direction on evaluating HA. My hearing loss is due to a MVA. The real issue is not hearing in quiet , but hearing when there’s other sound. My hearing professional has fitted me with a pair of Moxi 20’s (11/02/06). I’m finding the sound tinny. Is this normal? Will it change with time? Any suggestions on testing period before I go back for adjustments? Should I have headaches, sensitivity to sound during the djustment period?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This hearing loss is a bit of a special case, being related to a physical accident.

We would need a lot more data to make a start on this - but because of the special circumstances maybe it would be better to work with your provider rather than try to gain answers from a web site … even one as good as this!

The Moxi is a good aid - but it may need some serious hands-on tuning with your provider to get it to sound right.

By the way, it takes the brain days rather than minutes to adapt to the sound of a new hearing aid.

(Is that 11/02/06 a date? What is it in text?)

I picked the Moxi’s up yewterday late afternoon.

Ah. OK. It’s in US format … but with the wrong year!

Of course any hearing aid will sound tinny - or at least different - on Day One.

You are simply hearing the stuff you couldn’t hear before.

It takes maybe three days to settle down, so that you don’t notice the ‘odd’ sound of the new stuff.

You may also detect an ‘echo’ - this will wear off too.