Unitron Moxi 20

Hi - I am currently trialing a pair of Oticon Acto Pro’s from my audi with the streamer and and am pretty happy overall, but they are expensive (4K) for a mid level HA… I am considering next trying a pair of Unitron Moxi 20 with the full add-on package (udirect/remote/tv) for about 3500 total via internet source… my first pair of sonic ions I purchased online and wore for 6 years and was pretty happy with the overall experience.

Does anyone have experience with the Moxi 20’s? – I am told they are the newest offering and top model from unitron. I am a professional musician so hope to be able to have a music setting as well…

I have fit a few and had good results so far. They do have a unique feature in that in their music program the professional can program it for a specific type of music. I am also finding that they feature it has to reduce the echoing some people report with open fittings seems to be working well.

The patients I have that are wearing them lead very active lifestyles and are performing quite well in noise and other environments during the day.

I believe some of the Starkeys can be programmed for the type of music too. This means that feature is not unique, although it may be unusual.

Docaudio - thanks so much for for moxi 20 recommendation - I am on 3rd week trial with these and they are incredible – light years ahead of the Oticon Acto Pros for less money… see my other post for more detail…