Unitron Moxi 20 New User

I thought I’d post my impressions of the first week and a half. I have worn the Moxis full time since getting them. They are very comfortable, and I have been forgetting that I have them in. Environments have varied from quiet to VERY noisy to music. I love the way the devices open up in the quiet, but when someone starts speaking or the TV comes on, they focus right in on the voice. The music program is excellent for listening to the radio in my truck. When I speak on the phone, the telecoil kicks in and also the binaural feature, allowing me to listen to the phone through both devices at the same time. I went to my first movie today (The Woman in Black; mediocre), and as soon as the previews came on, the theatre’s sound system kicked in, I heard the little chime on my Moxis, and the loop system fed the sound right to the Moxis - beautiful. I love these things.

James, what is the loop system? Do you know if the Moxi 12 has it?

I’m also new to HAs - in fact I’m still in my 45-day trial period with the Unitron Moxi 12 model. They have the smart remote and the uDirect bluetooth like yours, but not sure about the loop system or what it is.

I really like the Moxis too. They do focus on the voice as you said. The 3 settings I have programmed are the Automatic setting, a custom music setting designed to hear my guitar as naturally as possible, and (believe it or not) the pre-programmed “house of worship” setting. :slight_smile: I am an usher at church every other week, and I mentioned to the audiologist that we have a very funny priest, but standing way at the back of the church causes me to miss many of the punchlines. :frowning: This past weekend was my first at church with the HAs, and sure enough, the “house of worship” setting definitely worked - I didn’t miss anything. But, I was switching through the 3 settings to try them all, and the automatic setting worked fine as well.

Glad to hear you like them. One question about the wire - do both of yours hug the ear? Mine do hug the ears when I first put them in, but then the wire wants to straighten out, and then there’s a slight space between the wire and my ear, just a little bit away from the dome. It’s only on the left ear - the right one seems to stay put. It looks like the dome is popping out a little, but it’s not. Maybe that wire is slightly too long? I did have them adjusted on my first followup visit, but I hope they can fix that. I really have to look hard to even see the wire on the right side, but the left one is easy to see when it sticks out a little.

Hi! All the Moxi models have a telecoil. This enables them to pick up signals from phones and loop systems used in many public areas. The system is magnetic-Induction based, not sound.

My wires hug tightly. They can be warmed gently and reformed. Let your Audi do it.

>>but then the wire wants to straighten out

My audie shortened the wire on my Moxi 20s and it sits better (she just clipped them with sidecutters from what I could see!)

Glad you have a better fit. I believe the wire from the BTE unit to the receiver is molded in at both ends (to the BTE unit and to the receiver unit). And the wire is covered with a continuous plastic tube. Cutting would not seem to be an option. She either replaced the receiver unit with one with shorter wires, or she reformed it, I would think. The wire and receiver unit can be unplugged at the BTE unit after removing a small pin.

Are you sure they all have t-coils? I have the Moxi 6 and I’m not aware of anything happening when I get on the phone. I will check the website, but I seem to remember my audi saying no telecoil.

OK I checked. It seems the 6 would have t-coil but not binaural…

I have the same issue with my left ear. Earlier when I tried a Phonak HA, we tried shorter lengths and it solved the problem with the left ear. The right one was OK but a little snug. I did not ask but I suppose there would be a way to get one of each length…

I do not pay too much attention to it now (really did not like it at first). If I fool with them a little, sometimes they fit better for a while. I’m not too sure about heating them with a hair dryer. I’ve heard of that and tried it on another HA and it wasn’t successful…

Hmmm, yes it does seem to be a length issue. And I’m positive that the right ear is absolutely no problem. All day long the fit there is the same. But the left ear wire seems to be just slightly too long. At least the fit issues is down to one ear now. I’m sure the audiologist can adjust the length, at least I hope so.

So I’m not sure what this means. Is this totally a passive system where you don’t do anything? And what is the effect – are the movie sound signals picked up somehow and piped directly into your ears like what the uDirect bluetooth device does with a cellphone?

In a theater situation, you’d typically activate telecoil option manually. Yes, sound goes to HAs much as with a Bluetooth option, though using different technology.

I feel like I’m pulling teeth trying to get the answer here… :slight_smile: Can you say how you activate the telecoil option manually?

Can you say how you activate the telecoil option manually?

General question: Why don’t you sort this out with your provider? That’s what they are paid for!

  1. You need to add a Telecoil program to the aid’s settings.

  2. You need to activate the Tcoil program manually, either via a remote control or via the little push button on the back of the aid case.

First, thanks for the answer!

Second, I don’t want to be rude, but why can’t I ask another forum member how a certain function works? Is that not what this forum is for? I asked him because he has the same hearing aids as me and apparently he has used this feature. My audiologist didn’t mention the telecoil, and I don’t see it mentioned in the owner’s manual. I’m sorry if asking questions is inappropriate in this forum.