Unitron Latitude 8 problems

My audiologist fitted me with a pair of Unitron Latitide 8 hearing aids about 6 months ago.
The problems I had where unbelievable ending in both me and my audiologist deciding to send them back.
Problems were a receiver going faulty before they were a month old, both volume control stopped working, one new replacement had the same volume control problem “out of the box”, both were supplied with a vibrato and clicking problems the latter never being resolved.
The rep in Sydney tried me to blame me for it saying the volume control problem was operator error even after the one new one was supplied faulty.
After the new one failed they supplied with a later "G: version of the same model which forced me to use a remote control as they had no volume controls which I found very inconvient. One of these would not communicate with my audiologists computer and were supplied with the wrong operating instructions.
In desperation I contacted Unitron in Canada several times and got no response what so ever. Unitrion Australia eventually did the same thing.
This whole procedure took about 6 months. I am now trialling some Starkeys in the seventh month since starting.

Has anyone else had these problems with Unitrons or vibrato like problems with aids of any make as the starkeys seem to have this problem too?

The clicking problem is often due the the default MPO (Maximum Power Output) setting being too low whilst the gain/output for loud sounds is still quite high.

Reducing loud gains and boosting MPOs a tad - especially at the HF end - can help.

The effect is especially noticeable if handling British one pound coins - they give a very loud pulse of sound when bumping against each other. Most people can’t hear the sound - but the aids can and shut down for an instant because of the volume - causing a ‘click’.

I have nearly eighty pairs of the old Moxi out there and probably about twenty of the new 3G. It’s been one of my stalwart aids over the last few years.

Sounds like you had a bad batch: two (in total) of the circuits have been replaced on aids that suffered over-drive issues - or you are one of those people who produces liquid wax that the cerustop cannot deal with and the popping sound is the moisture bubble imploding in the receiver tube.

I have a guy in France and one who goes to the gym who seem to constantly get the power receivers blocked: but I can disassemble these, clean and re-fit using the spares I hold here. The other 100 or so customers never have any bother.

I agree that it sounds like you got a bad batch. It sometimes happens when fitting hearing aids. The challenge for each hearing aid company is to determine when the issue is a faulty hearing aid or just an unsatisfied customer. If you look at Unitron Hearing’s website they state that they deeply care about people with hearing loss and the professionals who support them.

Mary Albert
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