Unitron Latitude 8 Moxi help!

My son’s hearing aids went belly up this morning. When I turned them on, they both worked, I put them in his ears, and a few seconds later, NOTHING. Batteries are new, domes and wires are all cleaned. Any ideas??? Help???

Very low power batteries. Tabs peeling in the heat or moisture conditions. Or just a bad batch.

Tabs peeling in the heat? I’m new at this. Please explain? I changed both batteries this morning. Of course, it’s the first day of school when they do this!

Try some different batteries. Zinc-air batteries have the little tab on them that prevents them from activating until you are ready. Once you peal the little tab off, and wait one full minute, they would normally be ready to go. If the tab has somehow loosened previously, through heat or whatever, they may have activated previously and may be weak/dead now.

Also, sometimes when you peal the tab off a little bit of adhesive may have remained on the battery and be preventing it from activating.

Odd that both aids failed at once so I would look for what is common to them, like, both caught in a rainstrom, new batteries, both left in a hot car, etc.

But first would be to try new batteries after you inspect and verify that the tab was secure before you peal it off and no adhesive remains, and they are not out of date.

Do you have a sta-dri kit? Something you can put them in for a day to dry them out? Often time with little kids it’s moisture. There could also be some gunk on the microphone, did you brush it off? It may be helpful to have an ultra cheap pair of BTE’s on standby in the event of something like this. You can buy them for as little as $400/pair. I realize that’s a lot of money, but compared to top of the line digital it’s not horrible.