Unable to pair Jabra Enhance Pro (ReSound) with Android phone

I have an off-brand Android (Umidigi A9). My Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids seem unable to pair and stream audio with the android, and I would like to figure out a solution. I understand Jabra uses BLE, and my phone supports BLE (and Bluetooth 5.0). When I try to pair them via the Bluetooth settings on my phone, nothing happens. My phone can “see” the hearing aids, but not pair. When I use the control apps (Enhance Pro app or the BeMore app), the apps are able to control the hearing aids. But Streaming does not work.

How can I get my android to pair and stream audio with my Jabra hearing aids?

The Jabra is a rebadged ReSound one aid. From the android compatibility page it would appear your device isn’t supported.

You could try a Phone Clip+ and see if it will connect and allow streaming from your phone.

Yes, I saw that page and saw that my device is not listed. However that does not solve my problem. :slight_smile: I am searching for the technical reason why my hearing aids do not pair with my phone. As to the Phone Clip+, it is more like a Phone Clip- (negative), an overpriced, BLE adapter. That is not what I want, either.

How is this possible? Are your aids paired to the phone or not? Wouldn’t they have to be if you can control them from the app? As for the technical reason that streaming doesn’t work, good luck in figuring that out.

That is a most excellent question - I do not know the answer. The hearing devices will “bond” with my phone, but they do not “pair”. There is something about the interaction between my A9 and the hearing devices that do not allow a proper bluetooth pairing to occur. The thrust of this post is to find out exactly what that issue is and how to resolve it.

I was able to pair and stream using an iPhone 7. So I know the hearing aids do in fact support streaming. I have used my android phone with other hearing aids to stream music, so I know my phone supports it. But the combination of my android and these Jabra devices is not working.

I would guess that whatever protocol the HA uses your phone only partially supports. I can’t imagine it’s anything you can change though.


You’re asking for the impossible, which will never work.

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lol, no, not impossible, just improbable - two totally different things. :slight_smile: I fully believe it all comes down to software in this case, and just a matter of some developer somewhere writing some code to make this work.

But in line with what you are saying, it does seem like I will not be finding a solution here in hearingtracker.

Minimum requirements for the ASHA protocol (which is what you want to use) are Bluetooth 5 and Android 10. In addition, the model of phone has to be enabled for ASHA (though I’ve heard an Audiologist say that she had never come across an android phone with BT5 and Android 10 that didn’t work).

Thanks, d_Wooluf. I have BT 5 and Android 11, as well as BLE support. My Android streams well with Phonak, so I am confused why Jabra/ReSound is giving me a hard time. I’ll dig more into the ASHA angle, maybe there is one little piece missing, yet…

The Phonak’s using Classic Audio which is the same protocol as current Bluetooth buds and headsets use. ASHA is a whole other beast. It’s a much newer low energy protocol designed for hearing aids.