Ultra sonic cleaners for earmold does anyone have experience with them?

I am consider if i should buy a ultrasonic cleaner for my earmolds .
Does anyone have experince with them ?

i found 2 interesting and cheap ones


and this in english

But i wonder why connovans uk take 3 times the german price for ultrasonic cleaning bath device .


I used to service my clients earmolds,

there are some cleaning pills where you put a glass of water
insert the earmold and drop a pill and wait for the night…

this might be cheaper - egger sell those

I know these pills u talk about , but i heard that ultra sonic is best , and decided to buy it , bec its only 50 Euro in Gemany .
is it enough use warm water in ultrasonic bath and get good result . what is ur experience ?

you still need a solution to clean them… not just water

what solution would u recomend ?


or this

or this can this also be used ?

Tschibo also sells something for ultrasoniccleaning small implant materials, does every one have an experience to use ultrasonic? In my old company I remember these machines have a potential to wear almost every materials even alloys, what if wear exceeds the necessary dimension for your ear? is there any maximum frequency or power to use these machines?

Considering the little, and simple amount of cleaning an ear mold requires, an ultrasonic cleaner seems to be a bit much.

Why not just soap and water? The earmolds are a simple acrylic material. You don’t really need anything special to clean them. The whole idea behind the ultrasonic is the rate at which it vibrates that knocks off particles. It doesn’t really do anything special for disinfecting. It justs cleans a little faster than soaking would. Any andibacterial product will disinfect the ear mold for you.

I was reading the blogs and would like to clear some misunderstanding about using an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound to generate tiny air bubbles which explodes on the surface of the item submerged in the water. That action along with high frequency vibrations shake off debris and clean an item. Its best advantages are: 1. It reaches inside crevices where brushes can not reach. 2. It cleans delicate items which is better not to be brushed upon. 3. It’s convenient and saves effort. Pour some water in, put the item in, push a button and it’ll be done in a couple of minutes while one is brushing teeth.

For hearing aids cleaning, the most common application is to clean the earmolds. As earmolds are made of plastic which you can wash, then you can clean it with an ultrasonic cleaner. You can clean with tap water, or if really needed, add small amount of solution. It’ll not damage earmolds as long as there is no pre-existing damages since the cleaning power is limited to the tiny air bubbles and very small magnitude of vibrations.

If needed, you may purchase ultrasonic cleaners online at www.isonicinc.com. Prices should be much better. Some models are the same as the ones used by some hearing aid companies while other models can be better choices. Ultrasonic denture/hearing aid cleaners could server dual purposes and they are small in size. Larger models can clean eyewear as an additional capability. You don’t need Professional grade models which are typically for commercial use.