UK Sources - Hi-Pro Cables 312


I am looking for UK sellers (or to-the-UK shipped) sources for cables for the Hi-Pro USB programming machine. Second hand, not used anymore all fine by me.

I need cables for the 312 size battery pill (I think its CS44a 312)

(I used to use 13 sized batteries and have cables for this but my new aids have 312 batteries, frustrating!)


I think you may find it hard to source those cables. Can you not connect to your new aids with a NoahLink Wireless? If it is an option, it’s a much better solution than cables.

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None of my previous have been wireless/bluetooth enabled so I assumed the same for these (fitting focused very much on some prior issues rather than new features) - so I double checked just now and they are wireless!

I am guessing the ability to connect with Bluetooth means NoahLink is viable - in which case I will go and get one straight away,

Thanks for your help

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So it’s called NoahLink Wireless and it’s made by a company called Himsa, a Danish company I believe.

But as an individual you can’t buy them in the UK as they are classed as a medical device. You might be able to get a professional to sell you one informally of course.

Alternatively you can buy from eBay and usually there are US or Asian sellers who are happy to supply. You will probably have to pay VAT and maybe duty as well when it’s imported, but you won’t have to do it again so I say just suck that up.

I bought mine from South Korea but if I were doing it again then I would probably focus on the US.

Good luck anyway.

EDIT: I see there are a couple of UK sellers in eBay who say they have it in stock. So that’s definitely the place to start!

SECOND EDIT: It’s worth checking that your new aids can be programmed wirelessly rather than just assuming. What are they exactly?

Thannks - I have been able to locate online UK sellers here as well who seem happy to ship based on a simple disclaimer only - so have ordered one to get started. I can find the cables in the USA as well as a fallback - just a nuisance shipping them and very expensive.

They are Phonak Virto M70 - I think they are compatible

@tenkan is the expert. So I expect he can confirm when he sees this.

Hi guys, i wouldn’t say an expert but there’s two models of Virto M70, wireless and NW (non wireless) I’m guessing you could check to see if you can connect to the myphonak app?


downloaded the MyPhonak App and they connected just fine - lets me change volume and some limited settings etc. So I guess this confirms the NoahLink wireless device will be fine,

Yeah plus it tells you the exact model thats connected as well.