UK ONLY - 2 x Phonak Sky Marvel 70 M in Black with some accessories

These were bought by me (brand new and sealed) at a request from my Dad for his old work friend. His work friend has had NHS Aids for a few years but they are old technology.

These are working perfectly but as his work friend uses open domes, the work friend was getting minimal benefit of Bluetooth and in the end, didn’t want to try closed domes (even tho I bought them).

The work friend has decided to go back to older Phonak Aids that I set up and to use the phone naturally as the audiogram is not bad.

The older technology Phonak Aids use the same batteries as the NHS Aids so can be given for free.

These have only been used for around 4 months.


  • 2 x 2021 hearing aids.
  • 9 x packs of Rayovac 312 hearing aid batteries.

(Thin tubes are not included as they have been used.)

If you need ear hooks for these, they can be bought here, including clear ones.

I have no use for these as they aren’t suitable for my loss.

Will work with the Junior MyPhonak App only.

Payment via PayPal only so you have protection as I’m a stranger to you.

Asking for £180.00.

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