Two Phonak TV Connectors?

I’ve just recently purchase the Phonak TV Connector and it is a game changer for me with respect to watching TV now.

I currently have it connected to our bedroom tv and would like to purchase another one for our main living room tv. My concern is having two in general close proximity would not work? In other words, I tested the bluetooth range and I could still hear it when I left the bedroom and went to our living room. Sometime my wife would be upstairs watching tv, while I would be in the living room, so both tv would be activated. Can this work separately, or do I just have to have only one TV connector and manually move it between tv’s?

I use two, but one is upstairs in the bonus room and the other in the den downstairs… mine seems to connect to which is closer

Simpler to have a TV connector for each device. I have one for my computer & one for TV (both in the same room).
You/your fitter can turn off the auto-connect feature. I didn’t like getting connected when my my partner was watching TV and I happened to walk through the room.

when I have finished watching TV - I turn the TV connector off to prevent auto connection - and turn it back on again when I need it.


Just purchased TV connector. if fitter turns off auto-connect feature, how does connecting then work? Do you have a choice as to which connector you want to be connected to (if they are both in the same room)? How does that work? Your post made me think I’d want one for my TV and another for my computer also! Thank you.

With my current HAs, each TV connector looks like a different program within the hearing aid’s app. I just select TV or computer, depending on which I want to connect to. If there’s a button to change programs on the aids, one click changes to the next program, another click to the one following, and so forth to cycle through them.