Two new Starkey Zon .5 HAs--miserable

I got a pair of Starkey zon .5 HAs 1 week ago. I suspect the person who fitted me was an idiot.

When she showed them to me, she pointed out a little chrome bar on the back of the HA, and told me that it was a volume control. I could just click it and turn the volume up and down. Aside from that, fitting for her just amounted to sticking the little thing in my ear (no measuring the size of my ear canal, or anything else), and telling me that I would be uncomfortable for a while. She was sure right about that.

When I got in my car to go home, both devices were howling so loudly that I could hardly think, so I started trying to click the little “volume control”, to turn them down. I have degrees in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, so I am fairly technically astute. It was immediately evident to me that nothing was happening with the “volume controls”, so I read the little book that came with the devices and it said that the little chrome bar covered the microphones, and that was it. No volume control.

These things howl constantly. I walk past a hard wall, they howl. I hug my wife, they howl. I drive my car, they howl. I go to a restaurant, they howl. I watch TV or listen to the radio, they howl.

I hate these hearing aids, and it makes me really mad that I laid out a couple of thousand bucks for them.

So what am I to do? I tried constructing little baffles out of RTV, to “hold the sound in my ear”, so I hopefully wouldn’t have so much feedback, and that seemed to work pretty well. However, the only color I had was white (the color of my sink caulking), so it looks like heck.

The little black cone shaped things in my ears feel like they are sticking in there too far and maybe touching my eardrums? That can’t be right.

Could someone who is familiar with these Starkey Zon.5 HAs, and who is also familiar with how to set up hearing aids please give me a little guidance?

I love being able to hear sounds that were too quiet before, but the feedback and the discomfort make me want to give up.

You are right! She is an idiot. Those are the federally mandated 5 mph bumpers…

30 day trial period.

return them and go elsewhere. get your money back.

I second the refund, the audiologist doesn’t know what she is doing…she should have made sure there was no problems before you left…

I can’t tell you guys how frustrating this is. And to top it off, I tried to contact the woman who “fitted” me, and she is out of town for 3 weeks.

So, a final question. Are the Starkey Zon .5 HAs good devices, or should I try for something more expensive? I hate to say that money is no object, but it would be worth a lot to me, not to go through this again.

Wish I can help you…I have no experience with the Starkey brands…I have the Phonak Naida, which is probably overkill for you…

I think you just need a better quality audiologist…

perhaps it is time to try a siemens pure
oticon epoq or phonak exelia

Need help with Zon .5’s but no posts on this forum for several months?

Call Starkey 1-800-328-8602 and ask customer service for a reputable dispenser with Zon 5 experience. You’ll need your zip code to have them find you a decent dispenser. Don’t settle. People are people. Zon’s have a good report when fitted correctly. All value in hearing aids is based on your relationship with the dispenser. Don’t risk losing any money, return em or get them right :).

I started on Starkey’s and did just what you suggest call the manufacturer directly, Starkey refers to your Audi or Fitter, they will not discuss good or bad fit.

I dumped Starkey for Bernafon Verite from Costco… Best choice I ever made.

return the Hearing aids and go else where…

There are still many people who loved Starkey more than any other aids. The problem is not with the aid, and not with the fitter as well, but maybe the fitter lacks experience in fitting these aids.

that’s all

There’s a big difference between a lack of experience fitting an aid and being completely incompetent! The problem is, in fact, the fitter! If an audi doesnt know the difference between the volume control and the mic cover, then they CLEARLY are not ready to fit that model. And let’s forget the fact that there actually is a programming button on the back that she forgot to mention completely.

Problems with most aids can be improved with programming, but you have to have a fitter who is responsible enough to educate themselves prior to bringing new technology to the public.

dr. amy

I agree in this case, but if you go to a good audi who succesfully fits other brands and when comes to Starkey, for example, can’t do a good job, then the problem is lack of training .

I agree that the original posters issue is not the Starkey aids he had - it’s how they were fit. But we see this problem so often, that it is a running theme in many posts - poor fitting of aids or lack of experience fitting a certain model.

The community needs to understand that it is the audis responsibility to make sure that they are competent and comfortable fitting a model of hearing before they put those aids on patients. Too often, audis are eager to fit the best/newest/coolest model available, before they have familiarized themselves with the new software or features.

If we expect patients to trust us and our recommendations as professionals, we need to be worthy of that trust by being able to properly fit the aids we offer. Clearly his audi didn’t - so they problem wasn’t Starkey, but his fitter.

dr. amy

My first pair of aids was that way I paid a huge price for them and then when they came in and my audi went to set them up I have to show him how to setup the new software. He had not even looked at the software for my aids. Then I moved and contacted the manuf. for an audi in the area and was sent to another audi that had no clue as to how to set them. At least this audi called a rep and the aids were setup over the phone and remote connection to the audi’s computer.
Not long after that I got into the VA system and got my aids from them. I have been lucky I guess because I have had nothing but good luck with the VA.I am now waiting for 4/26 so I can get my new aids. I sure hope it goes as good with the new ones.

This audi must been doing this for this first time with these aids. He must be familiar with other brands or models and not these;however, he should have at least read about these aids a little and not assuiming they are similar to the ones he used to fit.
That’s a difference between professional and non-professional audis.

Ahhhhh… NO!

Maybe it’s time for him to find a different Audi… then if he’s still having problems with his HA’s he can think about changing. The answer might NOT be for him to change brands at this time, no matter how you feel about them.

Shi-Ku (Who just loves his Starkey HA’s!) Chishiki

I don’t even have my first aids yet and I’m thinking I did the same stupid thing. Bought hearing aids from a bad audi. I’ll find out this Wednesday but I’m sure hopping he is a good fitter and programmer. He’s not a Dr, just a specialist.

We’ll see but if I have any troubles like you describe I’ll be getting a refund.