Tweak & Tips on Phonak Roger On in a Car

Anyone has any tips and tweaks on Phonak Roger On in car driving situation?
My brother doesn’t seem to benefit from the Roger On while he is driving, as the road noise is overwhelming, therefor, the conversation is extremely difficult in a car.
He can you Target and myRogerMic app.

Thank you

Phonak Naida Paradise + Roger On

This is really interesting as I have the same problem.

I wear KS10s and have the Roger On iN.

The in car program on the KS10 is not that great. I have tried using the Roger On iN and its performance is poor. I thought that by placing the Roger in the centre well of the car would allow me to pick up all voices, the car stereo etc. Alas - it did not.

Ironically I hear well in the car with my Oticon Dynamo 8 BTE hearing aids. I do not know why, but they are superior to the Phonaks (even with remote mic) in this respect.

Sorry for the bad news, it might be a programming issue, but with Target, I don’t think the in car program can be fine tuned as it’s an automatic mode that is switched to when the aids detect the car.


It is nice to have some feedback.
I though if a passenger wears the Roger On around their neck, this will help pick up his voice!



I find when I’m in the car, I can’t hear anything well because it’s too quiet.

I use the Roger to make everything louder.

I’m odd, can’t even hear the engine when inside any car but I can on the bus.

Are you sure the car engine’s runs on petrol/diesel or is it electric?

It is not strange, with the type of hearing loss that @Zebras has.


Do you mean my hearing loss or @Baltazard brothers hearing loss?

I suppose bus’s engine are much louder than car’s.

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None of my friends / family have electric cars.

The buses are part fuel/gas and electric.

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Yes - that should work, to be fair. Make sure the ambient slider on the Roger program (within the App) is moved all the way to the right.

Also within Target, there is a setting that may help. This setting is called “Adaptive microphone behaviour”. This has 2 choices - standard adaptive or dual adaptive.

With standard adaptive, which is the default, as the noise level increases, the Roger signal adapts automatically, up to +20db while the hearing aid mic is unchanged.

However, with dual adaptive, as the noise level increases, the Roger signal increases automatically - up to 10db, while the volume on the hearing aid mic is decreased - up to 10db.

I have read posts in the past on here where someone said they got better results setting it to dual adaptive, so that might be worth a try.

I have just taken a look at Target again. Apologies, there is a car program under the Automatic programs, and it does have sliders for “Noise Manager” - which can be set from off through to 20. As well, there is a slider for “Soft Noise Reduction”. These settings can also be applied within the Roger Direct program (which controls the Roger On).

So there are some definite settings worth playing around with.


Oh cool, I’ve seen those settings and I was wondering if they will do any good.
Thank you

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Remote mics work much better if you mute the environment sounds. In other words, mute the microphones that are on the hearing aids themselves. Has your brother tried that?

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@sufhl not really sure, but I will ask.


I appreciate you and your posts so much! Very helpful, and I always learn something valuable.

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It is all adjustable in Target. His pro can try more noise reduction in both car setting and in roger on setting. The default in Roger on is very mild noise reduction. If that hasn’t been changed you wouldn’t get good benefit in a car or loud restaurant.

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