Tube Glue

What type of glue is used on hard earmould tubes ??? These are not the soft moulds. I am going to start doing my own tubes because of a fixed income trying to save a couple of buck but also to get the fit I want.



There is a special purpose adhesive made for this. I’ve tried commonly available household adhesives and epoxies without success.

Glue for earmolds? I have had three different sets of ear moulds over the past 30 years, and NEVER had to use glue of any kind. If the tubes were glued in how would you change them?

Some of the professionals on this site ought to answer this one.
As I recall, you just warm the tube and it slips in but I’ve never done this myself yet.

I noticed something out of a green tube but could not make out what it was ??

In Australia all the pros uses locktite or superglue and drill out the old tubes when it comes to hard acrylic moulds. With Silicon Moulds we use retention rings over the tubes.