Trying to find a Oticon SUMO XP

I purchased this hearing aid in 2002 and it was the best hearing aid I’ve ever owned. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 44 years. I have since upgraded to the Starkey Destiny and the recently the Starkey X-Series 70. The X-Series is the worst I’ve ever own. I’ve made numerous trips to my audiologist for adjustments and it just does not perform as well as my old SUMO. Not to mention the constant changing of channels on it’s own and shutting down if there any wind, such as when I go boating.

My old SUMO XP has failed and an attempt to get it repaired ended up in it being lost thanks to a repair company in SC that doesn’t exist apparently.

My former audiologist still has my settings and has agreed to load them if I can find another.

So I’m looking for another SUMO XP, new or reburbished. It appears Oticon has discontinued this model. Can anyone provide any leads as to where I might find one? I prefer to stay with the XP analog rather than DM digital.


I still have access to the Sumo XP hearing aids where I am.
PM me and we can work something out.

I can help but I live in Turkey. The hearing aid is still sold here.

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Now, it isn’t an Oticon Sumo, and take it with a grain of salt because it is my employer, but go over to Sam’s and try out a Super64. I’ve had several people with profound losses really enjoy them. You can test in the club and try them out there for no charge.

Hello, I know it’s 8 years later, but do you still sell them ?

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Hello Helene, sorry these hearing aids have been long since been discontinued. There are a number of excellent super power hearing aids on the market today which will sound quite good. My recommendations are the Resound Enzo 5 UP or the Oticon Xceed 3 UP. Some people have had success with the Phonak Naida, but it isn’t one that I recommend personally. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your answer ! Are they analog hearing aids ? Because I have a disastrous experience with numerical ones. I live in France and it’s really hard to find analog ones here. Do you know the Japanese brand Rion ? I heard people say it’s a great brand. I found one that doesn’t seem bad and isn’t too expensive: Rion HB-23P

What do you think about it ? I have a hearing loss of 60 dB in average with more losses around 1000 and 2000 Hz.

Thank you,

Helene, there are no more analog hearing aids to the best of my knowledge in North America. I am unsure if there are anywhere else in the world.

I have never heard of this brand, but based on the specifications of this device, it looks like an old Unitron model which at the time was analog. It might work out for you, but I would strongly recommend a proper fitting earmold.

Thank you for your answer ! You recommend an earmold because it might make noise otherwise ?

Sharing your audiogram would help us help you.
Digital aids can be set up to act like analog aids.

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Yes, to properly control the gain of the hearing aid with minimal chance of feedback.

I also live in France . I have a friend who has not wom the oticon sumo for many years.if you really need it, then I’ll talk to her to sell you an oticon sumo . You can write me your email adress. With respect

Ok, I will do it soon !

Hello ! Thank you for your answer. Can you DM me a private message ?

I can’t find how to post it ! People said in “signature” but I don’t find it

Click that link, use your forum login, and you should see a “My Hearing Tests”. Find the “Add hearing test” button and you’ll be good to go.

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facebook messenger ?

Hi TSinMaine
Mi brother has a Oticon SUMO XP since over 10 years. Unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. He tried many digital hearing aids and isn’t happy with all of them. Did you find an analog hearing aid esp. the Oticon SUMO XP? It’d be happy for any help or tip!

Hello, I am looking for zumo Xp Oticon as they are the ONLY hearing aid that works for me. Without them I am practically deaf. Are those still available in turkey? Kind regards, ulf

Hi, I am looking for sumo xp hearing aids. I saw you don’t have access anymore but maybe something came up in the meantime,
Thanks for helping,