Trying Resound One

Ok, so I am using the Quattro RE-988DWT

Great aids, but I couldn’t resist…

On Facebook marketplace. Resound One set for $800 …the 7 level… These are 4 to $5k per pair. So I think…scam. But…he is only about 100 miles away, so I get hold of him. I talk to my audiologist who generally will not deal with ‘eBay’ aids. I work to get him the serial numbers. The guy is trying so hard to get me pictures of the aids’ data plates. So I start driving. After meeting the guy, my instincts say…completely legitimate. I try to get the guy to keep them and get used to them…he has NO desire to do so. He has no real loss, but just bad tinnitus… The aids are being used for tinnitus maskers and he hates the effect. He is disabled so did not pay out of pocket.
I buy them for $600/pair. My audiologist says the numbers aren’t coming up…but that was from blurry pics. I call the guy’s audiologist and that office gives me Resounds number. I call the aids in and tell them who had them, where they got them etc. They were new in March. So I get with my audiologist. The aids have been transferred to me. I have warranty until March 2024.

So I am getting my molded shells for the new receivers. (Can’t use his…low power) . Getting REM done.

My moral monitor is resting easy. He was never going to use them. I will use the crap out of them. I am not supporting a rip off group.

The biggest hitch is my audiologist has to come up with an ala carte pricing structure. He was laughing saying he needed to do that anyway. Oddly enough, I am the first. I was also adamant throughout the process that I did not expect him to fit these to me for nothing. I have explicitly requested keeping these Ones and the Quattros separate as possible in his book keeping.

So opinions, thoughts???


You did good.
Plain and simple.

Looking forward to hearing how you think the Ones compare to the Quattros, especially since you’ve also worn the Phonak Marvels and other HA’s and you have decades of wearing experience overall. I like my Quattros a lot, especially using them with an iPhone and an Apple Watch 6 and the MFi features. My only problem has been reliability and I can’t figure out what I might be doing to them (using a Jodi-Vac on the microphone openings everyday and gently blowing obliquely on the microphone openings everyday with duster gas are my currently suspected culprits).

So you’re not going for the M&RIE receivers? How well the M&RIE receivers work is one of my main curiosities about the ReSound One.

M&RIE aren’t available to be done embedded. My loss is too bad for the M&RIE receivers.

Believe me, I wanted to try it.

Yes, I guess your right ear is beyond the supposed 65 dB limit, going to about 75 dB loss at points. When you say “molded shells” and “done embedded,” you mean custom molds? I should imagine ear canal size factors in, too. My right ear canal is larger than my left and has a “spacious” custom silicone mold. My left ear mold is not too much bigger than the standard Quattro MP receiver. But I was wistfully hoping that if I didn’t need a vent and was willing to go totally occluded as I have done for quite a while with my Quattros, whether the occlusive fit would avoid feedback problems and I’d have enough amplification from the M&RIE receivers to deal with my loss if I wanted to try the Ones rather than, say, switching to Phonak. Perhaps from your research and talking with your audi about the possibilities, you’ve accumulated enough knowledge to render a verdict from my audiogram in my avatar on the forum here?! TIA, if you feel like prophesizing!

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Outstanding opportunity that you were smart to take…good for you!

Negotiate hard on the ala carte price because his costs are limited to his time.

Lol. This gentleman has went above and beyond for me so much, I will gladly pay him. I also trust hm not to be excessive. Keep in mind, the receivers/molds are real material costs. I anticipate around $400.

Jim, i tried the M&RIE and was not impressed and saw very little difference in my hearing … 1 thing I disliked was the receiver wires were thicker and hard to bend/form and stuck out of my ear molds… I usually put a little twist in my wires so they form closer to my ear


Yes, my audiologist has indicated that while it may be a revelation for someone, no one he has fitted with it has come back rapturous over the feature.

Ironically, I asked for heavier longer pulls because of the neuropathy in my hands. Hard to grasp what you can’t see or feel.

Just an update… all my stuff is in and it will be getting set up Thursday morning.

My custom molds are the ones the receiver snaps into, so I won’t have to replace the mold if the receiver is bad. This will be my first time with this type of setup. I stopped by last week and he looked at receivers and molds and wasn’t happy with wire length. So he was getting me receivers with the longer wires.

Even paying for the molds, receivers, and Audi time…al a carte, I am still less than $1000 for the set. So, I am really pleased.

Funny thing, he sent these aids….new in March 2021….in to Resound. They replaced the complete innards on both. My suspicion is that is cheaper just to replace them than look them over. So the only part that remains from the original owner is the BTE enclosure and the battery charger. Everything else is new.


This time last year, my audiologist sent my Quattros back to Resound at nearly a year old because one of them had developed a noisy microphone and I was suspicious of the other. Resound replaced both with completely new units and new receivers. My audiologist said he knew they were new because the electronics was set to the default out-of-the-box programming.

This might have been a Covid defence process, but I suspect as well that they are so cheap to manufacture that they think it’s not worth repairing them.

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When I was having a Quattro problem a couple of years ago, I inquired of ReSound support about how they’d “repaired” my HA and the rep I spoke to essentially told me that -they typically just replace the HA entirely- I think your conclusion is correct. And I’ve also sent in 4 Quattro’s now in almost 3 years use, however I’m managing to screw them up, and each time my audi says ReSound has replaced the whole HA, body, receiver, and wires.

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Been using the One’s for a week. Superior to the Quattro which was already a good aid.

I got custom molds with the friction fit connect for the receivers. This was a mistake. My left ear would not pass the feedback calibration. The wires also do not fit right. This is due to how far out from the ear they are where the wire makes the turn. So evidently, resound doesn’t do this mold for people with my loss very often. So I am getting embedded mold/receivers with skeletal retainers. I decided to go ahead and wear these until the new embedded mold/receivers arrive. I really hate that I can’t use these in an optimal fashion as I like the idea of simply replacing the receivers. I also specified minimal venting. I reduced the feedback by inserting a vent insert made for the Quattro ear molds. So I can tolerate minimal venting but don’t want solid molds.

Truly, I did not expect the degree of improvement I have experienced going from the Quattro to the Ones. I hope they find a way to do in ear mics for my loss… it would be great to get my directionality back. Running these with phone clip/Bluetooth on for 8 to 12 hours to get my 2-way radio on them. So far, even after 18 to 20 hours with half of it with phone clip/ Bluetooth enabled, plenty of reserve left in the batteries. So far, nothing negative to say about the Ones.

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Sounds great.

Afaik, the in-ear mic doesn’t function in the directional portion of the programming other than as a comparison for the two mics on top which give the directional performance.

‘Pinna’ or ‘natural’ directionality is a fairly marginal effect which gets lost to a degree once you’ve gone past the Tragus with occluding material.

Like all marketing guff, it’s to be taken with some table condiments.

I’ve got a set of ‘One 7s’ going on to an existing user (Resound 3D) this week. First for a while due to the repeated failures we’ve experienced with the Quattro charging system. (Yes, they’re all replaced with new units.) She didn’t get on with the Oticon More, the sound field was too complex for her in noise. I’d be interested to hear how you think they compare over the longer term too.

You sound very much like my audiologist when discussing the in ear mic….table condiment indeed.

The Quattro was far superior to the older Resound 3D. The Quattro was equivalent to the Phonak Marvel Line.

The One is superior to the Quattro. I say “huh” and “what” less often. This is interesting since one of them isn’t set to target due to the mold issues. It was as close as he could get it without massive feedback issues. I also notice I turn the TV down compared to what was normal for me.

I appreciate the Quattro’s were better, we just seem to have had bad luck with the reliability of them. Still the best App imho too.

I don’t know if Dr Cliff looks at this stuff, but I’d love to see the actual MTBF data for a big company using several of the large manufacturers; especially in respect of rechargeable aids needing replacement.

I have the jabras, which are the same aid in a different package. The one thing I really like is that it makes the wind sound like wind instead of just wind over an open mic. Very happy about that as I walk on the beach a lot.